1. What neighborhood do you live in?
My fiance, Brian and I live in Cheesman Park, just steps away from the park entrance.
2. Why did you choose that neighborhood?
When we were moving to Denver, we spent a lot of time on forums and websites like 5280 and Westword looking for the “best” neighborhood for young professionals like ourselves. We were immediately taken in by the enthusiasm Denverites had about Cheesman Park, the impressive Walk-Score and the relative affordability compared to other areas of the city.
3. What are your favorite local places?
Since it’s winter, I can’t seem to stay away from Little India for some chicken marsala. When we are craving a beer after a long walk in the park, we head to Park Tavern on their two-for-one nights. Potager, Fruition and Table Six are more for special occasions, but they are on the list to visit soon!
4. How would you describe your personality?
I am half home-body, half extrovert. I always need a certain amount of alone time to just relax, but also I am drawn to other people and enjoy company. Also, my mother and I have the same natural tendency to walk fast and talk fast!
5. How would you describe the personality of Denver & your neighborhood?
Denver is vibrant but at the same time very relaxed and accepting. We have just been blown away by the friendliness of almost every resident we’ve come across. I’ve had a lot of conversations with neighbors in Cheesman Park about how we’re all willing to sacrifice a little space for a lot of amenities. I think my neighborhood invokes a real sense of what’s important in life, which for us is embracing nature, friendships and being a little less car dependent.
6. What does it feel like to live in Denver & your neighborhood?
Coming from Atlanta, which is about double the size of Denver, I have to say my overwhelming “feeling” about Denver is the safety and security that comes with being in close proximity to your neighbors. I know if I ever have a problem, all I have to do is walk five feet and someone is there. There’s a sense of peace to that.
P.S. We love your vibe. What inspires your style?
I am constantly facing an internal struggle of comfort versus function when I dress! I try to mix it up everyday by pairing something a little fancier and maybe not so comfortable with a tried and true favorite. For instance, my dress today is from Target and super comfy, but my Banana Republic booties, not so much!