Meet Tim Nichols, Dentist at Tennyson Pediatric Dentistry. His mission is to “Engage your children to make coming to the dentist fun.” A bright office and dental themed toys is just the start to how they create a fun experience for your children while building good dental habits at an early age.

As Tim feels it is extremely important for children to start seeing a dentist early, Tim is offering a complimentary exam to all children under age two. He also wants to make coming to the dentist as easy and cost effective as possible for families in the neighborhood. Due to this they are in-network for most dental insurances.

4383 Tennyson St, 1F

Denver, CO 80212


Why did you choose Berkeley to do business in?

Kelsey Snavely and I decided to open Tennyson Pediatric Dentistry on 44th and Tennyson for a few reasons. I grew up near this area (Arvada) and have always liked North Denver and was excited about the opportunity to build a business here. Kelsey lives in the Highlands and was excited to work so close to her home. As families with young children have become so prevalent in the area, we thought a pediatric dental office would be a positive addition to the neighborhood.  

We also both love all the great restaurants on Tennyson and having such great places to go for lunch and hang out after work!

What about Berkeley jives with your business culture?

Both of us are highly focused on prevention of dental problems and trying to create a positive approach to dentistry in a laid back environment. We feel that the families in area appreciate and agree with that approach.  

Why are you passionate about your business? What’s the story?

At Tennyson Pediatric Dentistry, we are passionate about creating a positive experiences for our patients and their parents. Because of this, we are trying to let families know the importance of bringing their child to the dentist starting at a young age.  The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children start seeing the dentist at age one. This may seem early, but these visits give us the opportunity to talk to parents about the best ways to prevent dental decay and other problems. Children who start seeing the dentist at this young age have a higher chance of not developing cavities and therefore will have less of a chance of needing dental treatment.  

What inspired the look of your business/ the design?

As a pediatric dental office, we wanted our office to feel friendly and welcoming.  However, we wanted to avoid having a “themed” office that our patients would not want to come to as they  enter middle and high school.  We also wanted to avoid creating an environment that was too busy and distracting for our patients and their families  




Kelly Kozlowski is a Berkeley local and neighborhood expert. Reach out to her with any questions!