Meet Vegan Cake + Dessert Artist | Angie Wells


Hi Angie! Can you tell us your full name, and your backstory leading up to becoming a Vegan Cake Artist? 

Hello my name is Angela Wells, better known as Angie or the cake lady! I am vegan and I originally started to improve my health, but I learned that veganism, the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products in food, clothing, and much more, is about putting the animals first. It’s one of my life’s purposes, but it’s not always easy and holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, traveling somewhere new, and special occasions like birthdays can be the hardest. These are moments that are supposed to bring people together, but too often vegans are excluded from dessert in accommodation of the majority. Now I love cake, and I got tired of paying top dollar for vegan cakes that didn’t taste good; so after making and sharing my own birthday cake that was a hit, Angie’s Vegan Cakes was born.

Can you tell us about the grant you are running for and how people can vote for you?

I am in the running for a FedEx Small Business grant. It’s awarded to U.S. based small businesses with the most votes to enhance their businesses. I do not have a storefront currently and this grant will allow me to take that leap. All it takes to win is a ton of votes! Everyone can vote every single day from all their devices!

Here’s my link:

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You recently created gorgeous desserts and a beautiful cake for Colorado’s Official Black History Month Celebration! What was the day like for you and how did you choose the look of the cake / flavors of the cupcakes?

The day was insane! I was working until the last minute in my commissary kitchen and making the transfer was nerve racking, but only 2 desserts got messed up in transit lol. I knew I would be in a room with hundreds of people that have never tried my cakes, or even vegan cake for that matter, so I chose my most popular flavors and put an elegant spin on toppings (like raspberry reduction, chocolate ganache, and lemon curd). When I arrived to set up, it felt like I was in a movie, watching everyone running around making things perfect. It was really cool being able to go behind the scenes in the Governor’s kitchen! I didn’t know how I was going to arrange the desserts until I got there, but it ended up being perfect! I had to encourage people to stop taking photos and dig in!

What are some of your favorite creations you have made?

I love making gem cakes; they take a very long time because you have to individually place a million rock candy pieces, but they always turn out stunning. I also love making holiday cakes, with Christmas and heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cakes being my favorite.

Are you from Colorado? Which neighborhood did you eventually choose to call home? 

I am originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan. When I first moved to Denver I rented a townhome in DTC. I absolutely loved living in that neighborhood. It was close to restaurants I loved like Viewhouse, Ya Ya’s Bistro, and more; it was near parks, Ikea, good schools, and right off 25. But when it came time to buy our first home, I was finding a house I both loved the look and the price in DTC. Since we traveled a lot we decided to look closer to the airport and landed in Green Valley Ranch. We got a great deal on our home in 2018 and it’s appreciated very well.

How would you describe the Personality or “Vibe” of Denver? 

It was hard at first to connect to the vibe in Denver when I first moved in 2016. It wasn’t until I went to Brother Jeff’s Cultural Center that I met lifelong friends who connected me to the community. I am absolutely in love with Denver. It’s fun, summers are unmatched with everything there is to do, it’s extremely vegan friendly, and I feel very supported like I grew up here. It’s a fast paced city with a lot to offer and not one personality. Whatever you want to be or do here, you can, and you can find a community of like minded individuals.

If people want to order your desserts, how can they?   

My booking link is below and you can call or text with questions. I encourage everyone to like my Facebook and Instagram pages (TikTok coming soon) and leave a review on Google!

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