Meet the Owner of Neveria La Mexicana | Keila Valdes

Hi Keila! Can you introduce yourself and tell us your story leading up to owning “Neveria La Mexicana”?

  • Hi! My name is Keila Valdes, and I am a mother of two beautiful girls, aged 4 and 2. Our Ice Cream shop came to fruition after a Business project in college!  I presented the plan to my parents which they approved and were willing to invest in, so after a lot of planning, work and learning, we were fortunate to be able to open our doors in March of 2016.

Are you from Colorado? Which neighborhood did you eventually choose to call home?

  •  I was born in Oaxaca, Mexico, which I love and truly believe has the best food!  I grew up in Colorado all of my life so I proudly call it home.  My husband and I moved out to Commerce City in 2019 and love how family friendly our neighborhood is although it’s not so close to our business anymore we have gotten used to the drive!  It all depends on the hour of day so we always try to choose a time with less traffic.

Where is your Business Located?

  • Our business is located in Central Park, Denver, Colorado.  We chose this particular spot because back then it was close to home and thought it would be perfect because of how fast the neighborhood was growing.

What are some of your best selling items or favorite items you’d like to showcase?  

  • Our Ice Cream, Aguas Frescas and Paletas!  We offer a variety of Mexican inspired snacks and desserts, but those are our most popular items.  All of our Ice Cream, Aguas Frescas and Paletas are made in store with natural and locally-sourced ingredients when possible.  Some fruits we use have to be imported because they don’t grow here, like our popular Mamey ice cream, which we’d love to have all year- but it’s seasonal so it’s only available a few months of the year.  Using our all natural Mango sorbet, people love to order our Mangonadas, which consists of the sorbet, fresh mango pieces, chamoy sauce and chili powder.  We incorporate our ice cream in many of our desserts.  One of my favorite items is the Concha Sandwich, it’s made with a popular Mexican bread called the “Concha,” which my dad bakes for us.

What challenges have you experienced on your journey?

  • Besides all the typical challenges, one of our biggest challenge was in 2020 when COVID hit.  Honestly, I feel that just this year things are starting to get back to normal for us.  We are so thankful to the community for allowing us to get back on our feet and be open to this day.

How would you describe the Personality or “Vibe” of Denver?

  • Denver’s vibe is very open minded and not afraid to try new things!  I love to see so much diversity and culture being celebrated and seeing so many small businesses popping up everywhere!

How can customers keep up with you?


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