Meet Siri + Martin Tan | Owners of Urban Burma

Colorado’s 1st Burmese eatery 🇲🇲🍜 One of Yelp’s top 5 restaurant’s in Denver area! Located in Mango House International Food Hall.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers? Tell us your full name, and your story leading up to creating Urban Burma, the First Burmese Restaurant in Colorado,  in 2019? 

Hi! My name is Siri Tan and my brother name is Martin Tan. We both grow up in Burma and left in 2007. Do you want to start Auburn brother because there were no Burmese restaurant in Denver. And we wanted to introduce our Burmese cousin to Denver audience to have more Asian cousin in Denver. I have been to LA area and San Francisco they have more variety of Asian Foods. So we started on April 2019.

You were recently named one of Yelp’s Top Five Restaurants in Denver. What has this meant to you and your business this year?

We are very appreciated all the customers who wrote great reviews on yelp and Google!! That helps our business a lot. In order people who have supported in many different ways. That give us motivation and wanted to keep going farther. But we still need a lot of support and introduced to more people all around Denver. Not a lot of people know UB yet.

What are some of your most popular Dishes? 

Our popular dishes are
1. Nan Gyi Doke
2. Sii Cheh
3. Tea leaf salad
4. Samusas
5. Golden Tofu
6. Our fried Rice
7. Shan Noodle

You are located inside Mango House and you have a Food Truck, Where can folks typically find your Food Truck? 

We just started our food truck last year in the winter. Right now in the winter we only pop up at Noble Strand brewing once a month. What do you usually post on our social media @ urban Burma. In the summer we also do city Park farmers market with our food truck.

What makes having a business inside Mango House so great?

Located inside of the Mango House is very unique because you can’t find this kind of food court anywhere else in Denver. We have six different ethnic foods. Yes we have been looking for second location. It has been difficult to find one in Denver market. Because everything I have very expensive right now. You will find us on Colfax in Galena inside the Mango House building. You can also order online through our website. We partner with Grubhub and Postmate and offer online delivery.

How would you describe the Personality or “Vibe” of Denver?

I love all around in Denver, so I called Denver my home.  Generally I really love people from Denver they are very nice, friendly and welcoming. We just need more people to come try our cuisine. Even Mango House is located at a little sketchy area, but it’s safe.
We love to see more people coming and support our refugees small business. We are doing good but we still need more support from you guys!!

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