Meet Denver local Meghann Conter. Meghann’s our go-to gal when it comes to all the things that entrepreneurs need to run and grow their companies…from intensive business planning, goal setting and marketing, to creating a strong company culture and defining and reaching a target audience. You might not even know you need her until you reach out and see what she might be able to help you with!

What neighborhood is your home or business in?  


Why was this neighborhood chosen for your business or your home?

Our home also couples as my office, where I conduct client sessions daily. We chose Belmar because of it’s close proximity to downtown and yet easy access to open space, plus all the shopping and entertainment we need in walking distance. My clients can get to my office easily from everywhere and there is never a problem finding parking.

What about the neighborhood jives with your business culture or your lifestyle?

Belmar is just a taste of suburbia with close proximity to plenty of hiking and biking trails to meet our outdoor cravings and yet close enough to the city for nights out and business meetings.

Why are you passionate about your business or your community? What’s the story?

I empower female visionary business leaders who are changing the world, their industry or the way business is being done with their products and services. Every day I get to work with powerhouse women in the United States and Canada to create powerful brands and FUN marketing so that they can live out their missions and create their visions in the world. I am a proud entrepreneur who embraces my creative intuition and strategic marketing skills to help my clients bring in more revenue and convert marketing dollars spent into clients.

What inspired the look of your business/the design of your website or brick and mortar location, or your home’s decor style?

My values inspire my style, business, culture, website, and office. Fun, connection, intuition, growth and love are at the foundation of everything I do. I even created a values wall in my home office and abundant plants and copious sunlight surround us during client sessions.

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