What neighborhood do you live in and why?

Bree: I actually live in Boulder because I love the outdoors. I used to be in Wash Park.

Tia: I live in City Park, but I used to live in the Highlands. I actually moved here from Orlando on a whim. I looked up the happiest state in the country, found CO, and moved here. I love it!

What are some of your favorite local spots?

Bree: Wash Park, the Highlands. Common Era on Platte St is my favorite place, but I also love Forest Room 5, Mona’s for breakfast and latte’s, and I love the neighborhood on Gaylord near Wash Park where you’ll find Wash Park Grill. I love to support anything local and not corporate.

Tia: The Black Crown on Broadway is great; it is from the Gone with the Wind era in an old house with a piano bar. I enjoy having cocktails there. Like Bree, I love Common Era. Plus, I work here. I also like Drift which is a Polynesian bar because I love watching the old surf videos from the 20s. I like St. Marks because of New Orleans feel, Uptown, Forest Room 5 and El Chapultepec.

P.S. We love your vibe! What inspires your style?

Bree: I like a combination of masculine and feminine style because it equals a powerful woman who is trendy with menswear-inspired pieces but is still professional and sexy.  I am all about ankle boots because you can wear them with everything, and I like anything I can throw on in the morning when I am tired and have to get moving.

Tia: I am very vintage and love neutral colors. I love to take old, beautiful skirts and decorate them in whimsical styles ,but sometimes I feel more 30’s or 70’s gypsy or even hippie. No matter what, I always love dressing as a strong woman.