Coven Leaders or Marketing Queens?

| Meet Lo and Lolo of Bound Agency

Hi Lauren (Lo) and Lolo! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and what makes Bound Agency stand apart from others? 

  • Lo: Hi, I’m Lauren (Lo) Nuhn and I’m the Director of Operations at Bound Agency. Lolo and I met while working at the front desk of a salon downtown. We like to tell the story about how very early on in our friendship she saw me finding common ground with others at the salon by bitching about other people. She pulled me aside one day and told me that it was easy to bond over shared complaints but that she knew I was better than that. She could have easily said nothing and watched me continue to be an asshole. I’m forever grateful that she called me in instead of calling me out. We’ve been working together in some capacity for over 12 years now and we still hold each other accountable and challenge one another regularly. I fully believe it’s this basis of friendship that makes Bound stand apart from others. We treat our clients the same way we treat one another. We have the difficult conversations out in the open.
  • Lolo: I like Lo’s answer. It makes me sound like SUCH a good person…

Are you from Colorado? Which neighborhood did you eventually choose to call home?

  • Lo: I’m originally from a small town outside of Kansas City and actually moved back to KC in 2016. BUT, when I was still living in Denver my now-husband and I lived in Five Points. We chose the area because we loved everything about it but mostly because we got sick of dealing with parking tickets in Capitol Hill on street cleaning days (IYKYK).
  • Lolo: I am originally from Cleveland, because somebody has to be… but please know that anyone not from Cleveland who tries to make that joke will be punished. I have lived in Denver for 13 years now, so that’s home. But anyone who knows me knows that my soul’s home is New Orleans. 

We love your Witchy / Cosmic Vibes and overall love for each other and your clients. How does your way of looking at life / business bring your clients success or Bring their visions to life?

  • Lo: Honestly, when it all comes down to it we’re champions of kind humans and of keeping emotion in business. So when we start working with a client we always do so because we believe in them, their idea, their business, or we just love them so much we’ll find any way possible to work with them. I mean, once you start working with great people that you love it’s really easy to want to do everything possible to help them succeed.
  • Lolo: There is a popular saying in witchcraft that translates to ‘do as you wish while harming no one.’ That’s Bound’s entire vibe. The patriarchal roadmap for business is full of rules that are deliberately designed to keep empathy out of business. As empaths, that simply does not work for us. It’s our super power! So, we keep our feelings attached to all the things we do at work. So far it’s led us to working with the best humans on earth, and it has also protected us from working with folks who don’t align with our values as an organization.

What are some business you work with / some of your favorite campaign you’re running? 

  • Lo: I’m most proud of the work that we do for Colorado’s first and only Title X clinicBC4U. We’ve recently worked with Gilly the Sunshine Wizard to help spread the word about the amazing work that BC4U is doing for sexual health services for youth in the state of Colorado. 
  • Lolo: Retweet @ Lo! BC4U is out there fighting fear and it’s an honor to have worked beside them for more than a decade. And honestly, our whole lineup right now is epic. We’re working with so many brands who identify as humans first. Koan from Huckleberry Roasters, Kimberly from Beet & Yarrow, Katy from Stir Cooking School, Dani from Clementine’s Salon, and on and on! I love you all so very much. 

What challenges have you experienced on your journey? 

  • Lo: Oh, I think the same challenges as every elder millennial out there, imposter syndrome and feelings of unworthiness. I didn’t go to school for marketing and I sure as heck didn’t get certified in project management. Lolo hired me because she needed some support and knew I was being vastly underpaid at the job I had at the time. I soon realized that copywriting wasn’t my strong suit but keeping the agency organized was. I slowly began reworking our internal processes and taking the admin pieces off Lolo’s plate. In doing so I made it impossible for her to ever do business without me. 😉
  • LoLo: She really does underplay her role at Bound, but we all know she’s the boss! And for me the biggest challenge is staying true to our values in such a competitive environment. We want to pay our employees a living wage and offer our clients a valuable, but affordable, service. We always find a way to make it work, but it’s absolutely the thing that keeps me up at night. 

 What are some of your career highlights?

  • Lo: Meeting and working with the humans that make the small business world of Denver so uniquely rad. It’s really amazing to think about how many projects we’ve gotten to be a part of over the years. And on a personal note, I think having my head printed out onto poster board and mounted on a stick is pretty high up there as well.
  •  Lolo:  This iteration of our team, clients and services is my absolute favorite to date. And that is majorly in part to all the learning we’ve done in years past at Bound. So, thank you to all our past clients and employees who helped us grow into the organization we are today. The services we are offering right now are growing some of our favorite brands, and the folks on our team are doing so without burning themselves out. We’re operating with such compassion and not a single bit of strategy has been sacrificed in order to do so. It’s a dream come true to provide real results for clients while protecting ourselves from the exhaustion of hustle culture.

How would you describe the Personality or “Vibe” of Denver? 

  • Lo: I lived in Denver for about 6 years and it didn’t take long to realize that it can feel like a small town. It still surprises me how easy it is to bump into friends when you’re out and about. Even when visiting now, I still run into people I know all over the city.
  • Lolo: Denver is “poppin’ off” as our Gen Z employees would say! Actually that phrase is probably bunk now, as well as using the word ‘bunk’ and everything else I think is still kewl. But yes, Denver feels more inclusive than ever. My appreciation for this city has grown immensely as the political climate (and actual climate) worsen. There is still a long way to go, and Bound is committed to improving upon DEI as a discipline both internally and with our clients.

Shout Out Your Team! Obviously your amazing Agency has some talented women behind it. Let’s hear about them!

  • Lo: I’m gonna let Lolo tackle this one because there’s nothing she loves more than gushing about our coven.
  • Lolo: Eeeeeeee! Okay I love this part! Sisi and Jiji are our resident best friends. Which is SO fun because we’ve never had another pair of besties at Bound. The two of them have  mastered the art and science of eNewsletter/SMS marketing and the results are (can I say fucking?) epic! Rachel is brilliantly making our clients buckoo cash with Google Ads, SEO and GMB witchcraft and somehow she’s explaining how she’s doing it to our clients in terms we can all (sort of) understand. Kindra keeps us on our toes by pushing Bound to implement the latest (and greatest) marketing tools and strategies and is doing so while housing an actual living being in her body! Kate Woods is business personified and although she says she simply “holds the purse” at Bound, we all know she is why we survived 2020 and are still in business three years later! And Lo and I are just crying (always crying) because we are so grateful to have a team that stands by us every single day.

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