Wear Love Wagon

Denver Local Business |Ash Nawrocki

Tell us about you and your business! 

 Wear Love was founded on a dream and a mission to be a modern day solution to a global problem. When I was 17 I was living in the Himalayas and was met face to face with my destiny in the red light district. A young girl, whose name translating to “without darkness “, would be the catalyst for me to do everything I could to shed a light to modern day slavery. She was our catalyst.

Wear Love is Colorado’s first non profit mobile boutique. Since our start in 2017,  I have personally traveled over 38 different countries on 4 continents to find and meet with artisan partners. Within our 8 by 10 feet walls we are able to showcase a multitude of beautiful handmade artisans goods. 

Travel is who we are; so having a storefront as a trailer just has always made sense. We invite our customers to follow along our journey @wearlovewagon on instagram to see where we will be popped up!

Do you have any events or projects coming up you’d like people to know about?

Yes!!! We are very excited for Christmas season we will be doing every weekend in December at Denver Bazaar at their Belleview Station! Come shop the Wagon in person I would love to meet all of you face to face

What neighborhood do you live in? What neighborhood is your business in?

I personally live in Olde Town Arvada! My business is lucky enough to be where we park which often means we’re with event venues and shop owners inviting us! We’ve gotten to experience a lot of Denver’s beauty and quirks this way!

Why did you choose to call your neighborhood home?

I love Olde Town! I love the old mixed with the new! It’s a very inviting neighborhood for families and entrepreneurs alike! We have so many small businesses to support, great food, amazing library and tons of delicious food options! I’m very lucky! 

What are your favorite local places?

I love everything about Los Chingones their Adobo tacos and spicy margs are simply unmatched. Honestly, Denver is such a fun city to just explore. Ive been here 20 years and feel like there’s always something new! 


What do you love about Denver?

I love being in the Mile High City! Getting to drive an hour and being in the beautiful mountains to be outside while also living in a city that feels like each neighborhood brings a unique aspect is unmatched and NOTHING can compare to our 300+ days of sunshine! We’re truly blessed! 


Are you from CO?

My family moved to Evergreen when I was around 4 I grew up there! I since have moved down to the city and i’m so grateful to live in a city that’s been so accepting and supportive of all 3 of my local businesses! 


How would you describe the personality or “vibe” of Denver? Of Your Neighborhood?

Olde Town Arvada had a small town vibe filled with families who have grown up their for generations! There’s lots of old mixed with the new! Arvada works hard to make sure it’s community is truly a community! They put on events to support to local businesses and bring each other together to share in its beauty. Arvada has almost a hallmark community charm to it! I love it and feel very lucky!

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