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How did you ladies start the “Wandering Wagon Mobile Bar”?

Hi! We’re Cassie Lopez and Mallory Kincaid! Owners of Wild Social Micro Weddings and The Wandering Wagon mobile bartending company! We met each other as middle school teachers in the copy room. Mallory taught art, Cassie taught Spanish, and we both immediately bonded over our mutual goal of leaving the classroom. Cassie was inspired to create The Wandering Wagon after a particularly difficult year of teaching. She combined her passion for horses with her love of serving up delicious cocktails and transformed a horse trailer bar into an adorable mobile bar. She soon added another mobile bar to the fleet, a 1967 vintage shasta trailer!

Mallory had just recently gotten married and had felt overwhelmed by the entire wedding planning experience. During the planning she found her guest list and her budget growing more and more out of control. After hearing about The Wandering Wagon from Cassie, she shared that she wished she could have done her wedding so differently, with a smaller guest list and a stronger focus on them as the couple. Together, we decided to create something super unique that the wedding industry had been missing, micro weddings! The sweet spot between an elopement and a traditional wedding with a guest count of 50 people or less. The Wandering Wagon bartends private events and weddings of any size with a focus on garden to glass cocktails! Every Wild Social wedding includes bartending from The Wandering Wagon, a true dream team.

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What are some of your most popular cocktails you make at the Wandering Wagon Bar?

The Wandering Wagon isn’t just known for our bars, we are also known for our garden to glass cocktails! We use fresh squeezed juices and scratch made simple syrups in all of our cocktails to bring a really high quality and unique experience to weddings and events. Our most popular cocktails are the Peachy Keen, our Blackberry Jalapeño Margarita, and a Garden Mule. Each season we release a new menu but these three stay on each year!

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How many Wagons do you have? 

We have two mobile bars and one satellite bar! Tipsy is our horse trailer bar and the one that started it all. Tipsy is made from a 1988 two horse trailer and fits perfectly with a high end western aesthetic. Moxie is made from a 1967 Shasta camper. Moxie has a clean aesthetic that fits into any theme but the copper accents are definitely serving an apothecary vibe. Our satellite bar is named Poppy and is a small wooden bar that can fit any vibe and space. We also bartend in locations that have their own bar onsite!

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Credit @chelseabeamerphotography

Are you both still Teachers? 

We are no longer teachers!! YAY! Haha. We left teaching in May 2022 to focus full time on The Wandering Wagon and Wild Social. We’ll always be teachers at heart, but we’re so excited to be full time entrepreneurs. When we were teaching full time and running our business, it was a lot to manage. But we were SO motivated hustled around the clock to reach this point of being full time. When we head into the 2021/2022 school year we promised each other it would be our last and we are so excited that we reached that goal together!

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What accomplishments are you most proud of looking back on 2022?

What do you have coming up in 2023? 

Our biggest accomplishment for 2022 is that we left teaching and pursued our dream of being full time entrepreneurs. Both businesses had their busiest seasons yet in 2022. We are proud of how great of a team we make together and how we balance and ground each other in and out of business. In 2022 we also launched our first product line for The Wandering Wagon just in time for the holidays and they were a hit! Our line of infusion kits can be found on our website and Etsy for now but will soon be sold at Due South and a local liquor store, so stay tuned! For 2023 we are fully booked for Wild Social and have 50 weddings booked so far for The Wandering Wagon so it’s going to be another very busy season! We are really excited for our first international wedding in Mexico and can’t wait to travel more!

Our biggest goal is to open a venue here in Colorado so that is definitely at the center of our vision board at the moment!

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If people want to book you for their event/ wedding- how can they learn more? 

For The Wandering Wagon you can find our pricing, packages and our delicious infusion kits at our website, https://www.wanderingwagonbars.com and our instagram and tiktok @wanderingwagonbars
You can find all of our package and pricing information for Wild Social on our website, www.wildoscialmicroweddings.com and tons of info on our instagram account, @wildsocialmicroweddings. We love being sassy on tiktok, so check us out there @wildsocialmicroweddings.

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What amazing locations have you gotten to take your couples to for their Micro Weddings? Any in Colorado? 

For our micro weddings, we have traveled all over Colorado! We’ve been to New Mexico, Florida and we’ll be ending our 2023 season in Cabo. We love being in the mountains and having that as a gorgeous backdrop for our micro weddings, nothing beats Colorado’s views. We especially love working in Salida, Telluride, Conifer, and Colorado Springs.

Why should someone consider doing a Micro Wedding/ letting you take care of all the details? 

We love micro weddings because of the intimacy and the focus on the couple. It’s about being surrounded by your closest family and friends and being as present as possible on your wedding day. But planning a wedding can be exhausting. We’ve created a super streamlined planning process for our couples, where all they have to do is the fun stuff! Like their cake and cupcake flavors, floral color palettes and decor. No stress!

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How would you describe the Personality or “Vibe” of Denver?

We love living in this beautiful city! One of the coolest parts of Denver is that there isn’t just one vibe! There are so many cool neighborhoods to explore that all have their own personalities! It is so fun showing family around when they come to visit! Even though we love the city we are definitely country girls at heart and are definitely here for the mountains as you can tell from our weddings! We love living in Lakewood because it is such a quick trip to downtown and an easy location to head straight to the mountains as well!

What are some of your favorite Denver Spots you want to shout out?

We love a local coffee shop to sit and get work done, some of our favorites have been Convivio off of Tennyson St and Queen City in Wheat Ridge. We also love working at Edgewater Public Market and hitting cocktail bars such as Enigma, The Tartarian, and Wildflower. Our favorite restaurants are Root Down, Work & Class, and Machete Tequila + Tacos!

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