1) What neighborhood do you live in? Capitol Hill. 2) Why did you choose Capitol Hill? Cap Hill is within minutes of the city but nice and quiet. People are generally friendly. It’s trendy with a cool factor and a great art scene. And the trees! 3) What are your favorite local spots? Denver Pro Photos, Meininger’s, Leon Gallery, 1UP, Sancho’s Broken Arrow, Cherry Cricket, Leela European Cafe, The Walnut Room, Sexy Pizza, McNichols Building, Pablo’s, Buffalo Bill’s Hot Wings, Twist and Shout, The Tattered Cover 4) P.S. We love your vibe! What inspires your style? My style is a mix of everything. I’m inspired from the Norwegian and Russian vibe from New York and New Jersey. If it’s comfortable, if it’s cool, I like it. Since I’m a giant mix, my style is a giant mix.