Madeleine Zinn is the owner of Sub Rosa Mercantile which is a wonderful additional to Sunnyside and the Denver boutique market. Sub Rosa is a modern day take on a general store and has a beautifully curated collection of hand crafted, vintage & nationally sourced goods from independent designers.  This is a beautiful shop to buy gifts or treat yourself!


2337 W 44th Ave.


Why Sunnyside?

I live in Sunnyside and love the neighborhood. It was luck that I found a beautiful spot here as well to open Sub Rosa Mercantile. I used to drive past what would become my shop all the time, and always thought it would be a perfect location. Sunnyside is relatively quiet, comparatively, and hasn’t yet seen the vast development happening in other neighborhoods around Denver, which is appealing to me. Sub Rosa is part of a large old brick building, with so much vintage charm, and it was important to me that I found a space in a neighborhood that had a story and a past.


What about the neighborhood jives with your business culture or your lifestyle?

Sunnyside is still very much an old neighborhood, with so many people who have lived here for decades. It’s got a great vibe, and I’ve loved getting to know my neighbors, as well as watch as Sunnyside starts to grow and change (it’s also very cool to get to be a part of that).


Why are you passionate about your business or your community? What’s the story?

I wanted to open a shop that gave small artists and makers from (mostly) outside Colorado a space for their craft, as well as offer custom handcrafted lifestyle goods that aren’t found in Denver. I love discovering new talent from across the country and introducing them to the local community. I believe that supporting individual makers and small companies is so important, and it’s so much fun to supply Sunnyside/Denver with product that’s distinctive and unique.


What inspired the look of your business?

I’m from Santa Fe, and moved here from Oakland, so the shop definitely reflects both places I consider home (i.e. vintage Navajo rugs and a bougainvillea). The shop also has so many south facing windows, it’s perfect for cactuses and succulents, which remind me of New Mexico and California. All the tables and shelving are from reclaimed wood, which is definitely in keeping with my personal aesthetic. I strive to keep a minimal, uncluttered look, as I personally don’t like walking into a shop and immediately being inundated with product. I wanted a space that felt bright and clean, with lots of plants and personal touches- a record player that I didn’t have room for at the house and is usually playing Fleetwood Mac or Dolly Parton on repeat, vintage pennants I’ve found along the way, a 1962 Ford Galaxie tail light… If you were to walk into my home, you wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.




Delfino is our Sunnyside expert. Reach out to him with any neighborhood questions!