Robyn Arnold is the owner of Trendz on 44th. Trendz on 44th is a boutique for both men and women & their goal is to provide fashion to everyone at a reasonable price. Robyn believes fashion is a form of self expression and her goal is to provide an extensive array of styles to aid all her customers in expressing themselves, or their mood, through their attire. Her ultimate intention is to create customer satisfaction ensuring that you and your fashion needs are always taken care of! 



2343 W 44th Ave



What neighborhood is your business in?

The eclectic neighborhood of Sunnyside!

Why did you choose Sunnyside for Trendz on 44th?

I chose this area because it is re-vamping for the better everyday, is up-and-coming and the changes are exciting to witness. My boutique is edgy and has flair just like the neighborhood it’s located in.

What is the story behind your business?

I’m very passionate about my business because I believe the things you choose  to wear everyday say something about who you are and what mood you are in. I love how clothes express your being, and I’ve loved them ever since I was little. I had a store in the mountains for four years and when I decided to make Denver home,closed that one and opened here in June 2015. I’m so glad I did!





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