Steuben’s- ultimate Denver comfort food. Or is it? When I think of Steuben’s I think of a cozy upscale diner experience. The warm feel of walking into a “Mad Men” inspired bar. Brunch that satisfies your long night out from the night before. So on a cold day like today Steuben’s seemed like the right Denver locale to feature. My memory connected cozy and comfort with Steuben’s.

Truth be told its been about a year since I have visited Steuben’s. So when I went to read more about them I was reminded that they are so much more than just comfort food. Their mission set out to be “We saw a need in Denver for that everyday, neighborhood diner serving all of our favorite Regional American things to eat: A lobster roll from New England, a Green Chili Cheeseburger from Alberquerque, Fried Chicken and Ribs from the South.”  Josh Wolkon Owner of Steuben’s, Vesta Dipping Grill & Ace.

Steuben’s once upon a time was the old Dan’s Garage and now is a redesigned, well established, Uptown restaurant. Its not the new kid on the block but what I love is that their original mission can now be recognized as “come to life” by the Denver people. So comfort and delicious food yes- but more than that Steuben’s has succeeded in creating a memorable experience that Denverites like, revisit and crave. A classic cocktail, a cozy booth and yummy array of American classic foods to choose from will call me back for me….even in a city where our culinary scene is exploding with new places to try every day. I believe Steuben’s will remain a neighborhood anchor in Uptown that creates a pleasant dining experience beckoning you back for more. But don’t take my word for it…try it out for yourself!