Kelley Dallas has lived, photographed and traveled all over the world and has settled her family in Stapleton. She shares with us why she chose Stapleton as her home & why it is also a perfect fit for her photography business. Kelley knows how to capture moments. Those precious moments with your family that matter most in life.

Admire her work at & reach out to her to book a session to document those real and sacred moments with your family. She has been kind enough to offer $50 off the session fee of $150 (to make it $100), if you book within two weeks of this publication. (Please note all photography products and digital files are sold separately and not included in the $100 session fee.)



Why did you choose Stapleton as your neighborhood to live & work in? What about this neighborhood jives with your business culture?

My family has lived in Stapleton for 5 years. I love the family-friendly focus of the neighborhood, which is important with three kids in tow – ages 4, 12, and 13. I also love that I don’t feel like I am too far from the city, so that I can enjoy (at least sometimes!) all the great activities it offers.

I am a documentary family photographer where I focus more on authentic moments versus forced poses. My “in the moment” approach captures the true personalities of kids and the real interactions of families. Overall, I describe my style as a photographic storyteller. Naturally, with Stapleton being such a family-friendly neighborhood, my business culture fits right in. I have found that more and more, families are seeking out photography sessions that are different than the traditional approach and are gravitating more toward my storytelling, photojournalistic type approach.


Why are you passionate about your business? What is the story?

During my daughter’s birthday celebration at her preschool, I was asked what she was like when she was “little”. With all the craziness of “babyhood”, a lot of these precious memories evaporated from my mind (when she was a baby, my photography focus was more on poses and less on real life moments). I don’t want that to ever be the case again, as I want to remember all the stages of her childhood and all their idiosyncrasies. This goal has helped propel me into my photojournalistic approach, as I also want to help my clients retain those type of memories as well, through photography. Photos of families/kids with beautiful backdrops are to be cherished for sure, but they don’t hold the same kind of meaning for me as the “in-between”, “in the moment” photos that tell the real story of a family, show the true personalities of the kids, and visually record what life was like at that particular time in a family’s life.


What inspired the look of your business?

My style of photography inspired the design of my business. I have had my photography described as real, clean, modern and timeless – and those same words could also describe my website, logo and the overall design of my business.





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