Meet Kristina, a Sloan’s Lake resident who shares why she loves living in this neighborhood. She is a wealth of information about the amazing gems buried in Sloan’s Lake! Read on to get to know her, her vibrant personality & a list of must go places in Northwest Denver. 

What neighborhood do you live in?  

Sloan’s Lake, Highlands side.  I believe “the cool kids” are calling it SloHi.

Why did you choose that neighborhood?

Location. Location.  Location.  I love that I feel close to everything here. Not only is my charming little neighborhood anchored by one of the prettiest parks in all of Denver but all these growing and thriving neighboring neighborhoods are just a hop, skip and a jump away from home.  Depending on which way I aim myself, in less than ten minutes, I can be in Edgewater, Jefferson Park, Tennyson Street/Berkeley, Highlands Square, LoHi and Sunnyside. If you subtract the additional time it takes to navigate and park, then I am ten minutes from downtown too! The easy access to I-25 is a huge bonus but being able to walk around the block and arrive at one of the gems of Sloan’s Lake simply makes me happy. (That might also be the booze.)  Toast Wine & Spirits is not only a small business helping to build our community, they are fantastic neighbors!  As tiny as it is, Brian, Kim and staff have created an atmosphere where people are comfortable enough to hang out while they purchase their potent potables.  In addition to attracting friendly neighbors looking to possibly make their night friendlier, their spirit drew in another kind business owners on the block. Planted is as quirky and cozy as the rest of our ‘hood. Right smack dab in the middle of what seems to be nowhere…a plant store.  Luke is lovely and if you are feeling a little low on oxygen at 5280, he would gladly invite you in for several deep breaths.

What are your favorite local places?

Feed Me Time: Root Down, Linger, Avanti Food & Beverage, Old Major, Brazen and US Thai.  Drink with Me Time: Toast Wine & Spirits, Mondo Vino, Vita and most of the above restaurants. Latte Time: SloHi Coffee, 2914 Coffee and Common Grounds. Me time: A New Spirit Day Spa, Uber Chic Nail Salon, Avicenna Acupuncture and Freyja Project Yoga Studio.  Something Sweet to bring to You Time: Planted, Wordshop, Perfect Petal, St Kilian’s Cheese Shop & Market and Sweet Cow. Shake your Shimmy Time: Red Rocks! (drops mic)

What do you love about Denver?

What’s not to love?  Denver is in full bloom.  We are rapidly graduating from a B city to an A, without losing the small town feel our big city magically holds on to.  It’s an exciting place to be.  Our culinary scene is really leading the charge of delicious momentum. I am so grateful to all the young and inspired Chefs helping to put Denver on the map of what’s what for dinner. People have always followed their stomachs as a matter of survival. In Denver, our stomachs ask how many nights out can you afford to eat in a week?

Are you from CO?

That’s what I tell people but my mother would prefer I say I am from Miami.

How would you describe the personality or “vibe” of Denver? Your neighborhood?  

We are a young at heart city.  There may be a pinch of “I won’t grow up” around here but when you have such a perfect playground, who can blame us?  The adults live in Sloan’s Lake. Again, I am probably saying that for my mother.

How would you describe your personality?

Um… I am not… shy.


Bobbi KIm is a local Reltor who specializes in Sloan's Lake

Bobbi Kim is a Sloan’s Lake guru.

Bobbi is our Sloan’s Lake expert who knows everything you need to know about this hood. If you have any questions about the area reach out to her!