Louise Evans & Chris Vasquez have a mission to bring back the “mom and pop music store” to Denver urban neighborhoods. You can find them driving The Guitar Truck around town to teach music lessons, to provide quality & affordable music products & to bring some good music and fun to our community.



Why did you choose Sloan’s Lake to do business in?

Chris and Louise are extremely invested in the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood and enjoy taking the Guitar Truck all over NW Denver. Previously, Chris taught guitar lessons at Flesher-Hinton Music Company on Tennyson Street for fifteen years. Because many local music related businesses have closed or are closing, Chris and Louise created the idea of the Guitar Truck to bring music to the community.

What about the neighborhood jives with your business culture?

Louise believes that NW Denver has been evolving for quite some time. There are many entrepreneurs living and opening new businesses in the neighborhood. Hogshead Brewery, SloHi Coffee to name a few. Chris teaches guitar to many of the business owner’s family members. In return, Chris and Louise enjoy supporting their businesses in the neighborhood. Additionally, everyone in the neighborhood is very friendly, shares a sense of community and giving back which is why Sloan’s Lake is a great fit.   

Why are you passionate about your business? What’s the story?

Chris is a passionate musician and loves helping others hone their skills – whether it be guitar, ukulele or flamenco guitar. In the summer you may spot Chris and Louise driving the Guitar Truck to the Big Wonderful or hosting a jam session in the music studio in the back of their home. They want the Sloan’s neighborhood people to have a great time and aren’t afraid to take the party to the people to bring the community together.

What inspired the look of your business/the design?

Confidence and rock and roll inspired The Guitar Truck.


Bobbi Kim is the Sloan's Lake expert.

Bobbi Kim is the Sloan’s Lake expert.


Bobbi is our Sloan’s Lake neighborhood expert. Reach out to her with any neighborhood questions you might have!