Sarah O. Jewelry | Casual Meets Couture | Latina Owned

Hi Sarah! How did you start your Denver Based business, Sarah O. Jewelry? 

 Hi! I’m Sarah Ortega, founder and CEO of Sarah O. Jewelry. My mother owns a boutique jewelry store in the heart of Albuquerque, New Mexico and I was lucky enough to grow my passion for jewelry by being by her side and learning every aspect of the business. While in college, I would design jewelry in my dorm room and sell it to my friends so it was inevitable when I opened my jewelry store serving the Denver area it was filled with beautiful items that everyone could afford. What started as a boutique focused on sterling silver items and semi-precious stones, turned into a space where customers could work hand in hand with me to dream up and design their dream jewelry. That store eventually morphed into Sarah O. Jewelry, where I continue to design all of our collections and work alongside my amazing team. 

Where in Denver can Sarah O Jewelry be found? What makes Sunnyside and the Dairy Block great neighborhoods for your business?


Sarah O. has two brick-and-mortar locations- one on Tennyson Street in the Berkeley Neighborhood, and the other on the Dairy Block in the heart of downtown. Both locations are extremely walkable, which makes the experience even more enjoyable for our clients. They can spend all day shopping, getting lunch, and supporting fellow local businesses. Tennyson has a small-town feel right in the middle of Denver, which is so unique to this area. I love how this neighborhood serves as a greenhouse for small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow and thrive with the unwavering support of our neighbors.

What are some of your favorite pieces?

Some of my favorite pieces are definitely from our Myriad Collection. It’s our newest collection and it features all completely one-of-a-kind rings, each with a highly unusual center stone. I love these pieces because they represent the ethos of Sarah O. – embracing our differences & uniting the communities around us is why we exist. One of my favorites is the Billie ring with a one-of-a-kind 6.52 ct emerald cut teal Madagascar sapphire set in a half bezel, framed on each side by four oval side diamonds. 

-If people want to shop your Jewelry Online- How can they? 


WEBSITE:  SarahOJewelry

INSTAGRAM:  @sarahojewelry

What makes you passionate about having an Inclusive Community? Do you feel Denver embodies this?

My father worked tirelessly in law defending Mexican immigrants injured on the job. His endless pursuit of fairness and equality is something I have always admired and have worked hard to incorporate into my business. Sarah O. Jewelry believes that everyone that walks through their doors should feel included and loved no matter how they look, what they believe in, and how much money they have. Our Denver community has absolutely embraced this mentality and we love being a place where all people are welcomed and celebrated. 

How do your New Mexico Roots influence your Jewelry Design?

The Heritage Collection, which I designed last year, is a nod to the beginning of my story. It’s inspired by the unique textures and patterns of New Mexico. The collection features designs inspired by the town of Chimayo, the Rio Grande river, and the beautiful sage plants that are often burned for traditional ceremonies. 

Any favorite Denver Spots you want to shout out? 

During the day, I like to check out new hikes in the Golden area and then end at New Terrain Brewing Company to enjoy some food truck snacks and a cold drink. At night, I love to take friends to El Five for the amazing views of the city and delicious food. And finally, a Red Rocks concert is a must!

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