Serving mouth watering food in the Regis neighborhood is just one reason to visit The Noshery. Its laid back atmosphere is inviting to all & the simple menu is sure to delight. Andrea Knight shares with us her passion behind her business and why she loves Regis to both live & work in.

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dreWhat neighborhood is your business in?


Why did you choose this neighborhood?

I live in the neighborhood and really wanted to be a part of my community. It is so great to have a mix of the university and local community. You get to meet so many amazing people!

What about the neighborhood jives with your business culture or your lifestyle?

Laid back, Happy, FUN, Love good food and beer, everyone is so nice! You are in a city borough where neighbors, friends and coworkers eat, drink, farm, and hangout together. Its pretty rad.

Why are you passionate about your business or your community? What’s the story?

My two dreams since I was a kid were to be an Olympic skier and own a bakery. Well, skiing didn’t work out after injuries so cooking and baking consumed me. It is all I have worked toward for the last thirteen years. When this particular space became available, it was fruition.  

What inspired the look of your business?

Restaurants can get pretty pricey very quick so a lot of the decor came from projects with my mom, dad, and friends I could bribe with food and beer. It really was a team effort of throwing out ideas and seeing what worked. Overall, the theme was fresh, clean, inviting, warm, and friendly.

Denver Vibe is excited to have partnered with Nicole Luna from Live Urban real estate for this interview! Nicole lives in Regis herself and knows all the local hot spots in this hood.