1) What neighborhood do you live in?

Lowry. It’s quiet, definitely low-key, and outside the buzz of downtown Denver.

2) Why did you choose Lowry?

I wanted to be close to work and wanted a peaceful spot to call home. I hope that Lowry will remain relatively quiet and peaceful–it is mostly residential now–but I don’t know if it will!

3) What are your favorite local spots?

I like Illegal Pete’s, Snooze, and the Lowry Beer Garden.

4) P.S. We love your vibe! What inspires your style?

I think my main inspirations are simplicity and efficiency. I don’t like a lot of products, a lot of continuing expense, or a lot of clutter. I prefer to wear simple things. No patterns or extra steps. Still, fun jewelry and dresses are always a favorite of mine. In terms of life philosophy, I believe that people are always more important than things, so it’s key to orient your life toward someone other than yourself.