1) What neighborhood do you live in?

Congress Park.

2) Why did you choose Congress Park?

One of Denver’s coolest hidden gems is here: Colfax A and Colfax B Place. Not to mention the walkability, history, and family friendliness of it all.

3) What are your favorite local spots?

For dinner, I like To the Wind Bistro, Sushi Sasa, Okinawa Sushi, and Govinda’s. For relaxing, I love Berkana Institute of Massage. For coffee, my favorites are Cafe Max and Hooked on Colfax.  For a night out, you might find me at Sienna Wine Bar and Terminal Bar at Union Station.

4) P.S. We love your vibe!  What inspires your style?

I’m not much for fashion trends, but I love love expression through clothing. A lot of it has been informed by my years of international traveling and living in Europe. Not it’s all tempered a bit by the practicality necessary for a life with my two little boys.