1. Where do you live?

We live in Virginia Village near the border of Glendale and Cherry Creek.

2. What brought you to Glendale this evening?

We are avid spectators of the Glendale Raptors, the local rugby team. Also, we’d been wanting to check out Monday movies at Infinity Park, and we’re so glad we made it tonight.  The atmosphere is great. Plus we can walk from home if we want. While this movie isn’t our favorite it was a perfect night to come.

 3. Where are your favorite local spots?

My (Ben) first love is home and mine (Ofelia) is Blackhawk. We are fans of Hacienda and Undici Ristorante in Englewood but home is the favorite over all. We have been married for 42 years, 43 next week. (A BIG congratulations from Denver Vibe!) Since we are retired and have a large home and large family which, we are very close to, we often entertain at home, hosting parties for friends and family. We are both Colorado natives.  We certainly want to thank Infinity Park for the movies and wish you had more questions to ask. We have so much to share.