What neighborhood do you live in?


Why did you choose Edgewater?

I wanted to be relatively close to my shop, Steadbrook.

What are your favorite local spots?

Berkley Supply, a menswear store of American-made goods which helped inspire Steadbrook. Steadbrook is also a favorite, of course, and is inspired by many different parts of the world: we have clothing from Spain, Toronto, and many regions of the U.S. We carry quality products, mainly menswear, though we do have a unisex label. Our coffee bar is inspired by the feeling we got as kids hanging out at skate shops where we were welcome for hours on end; we want a similar feel for our customers.

I also like Fancy Tiger, one of the first stores to sell men’s and women’s clothing on South Broadway. U.S. Thai is great too!

P.S. We love your vibe!  What inspires your style?

I have a background in design. My style is very caring, and there is an aesthetic behind the clothing. I like to think “Design less. Design better.” I have to love what I buy before I will buy it.