1) What neighborhood do you live in?

Country Club North. In a larger sense, I live in Capitol Hill.

2) Why did you choose that neighborhood?

The park (Cheesman), the wonderful homes, the convenience to stores and shopping areas, its bike and biker friendliness. Parking is not hard to find, and I love the trees, age, history, and the fact that so much is going on.

3) What are your favorite local spots?

Racine’s, Bastien’s (Bastien’s has the most wonderful food though you’d never know it), The Ranch House, Sullivan’s Steakhouse, Cheesman Park.

4) P.S. We love your vibe!  What inspires your style?

I enjoy many things. Regarding home decor, I buy eclectic pieces and try to make them come together. Regarding clothing, I like to dress up in sports coats and slacks; I’ve always liked to dress well, I think inspired by my mother who also liked to dress well. Another influence has been my time working in theater. Actors are great observers, and I let my observations inspire my style.