Meet Julia Parzyck

  Denver Based Eating Disorder Recovery Coach | @FitFatandAllThat

Can you Tell us about your back story to where you are now? 

I am originally from Michigan, grew up in Kalamazoo and went to Michigan State University. I studied Elementary Education and taught in Detroit Public Schools for a hot second and then decided to move to LA on a whim. I lived out there for about 3 years and nannied and decided to go through my own recovery journey. I struggled with an eating disorder for 10+ years and decided at 24 it was about time I worked through that. I really found a love for that space and once I was recovered I realized I really wanted to work in the Eating Disorder Recovery space.

After my time in LA I decided to move to Denver, again on a whim and I hated it at first. I moved here without knowing anyone, besides one casual friend. I worked odd end jobs, a hostess, at a roofing company, and went back to nannying for awhile too. I then decided to get trained underneath one of my best friends ED Recovery Curriculum (Recovery Love and Care) and started my own coaching business! I have been on my own since the beginning of 2019, and never looking back!

Tell us about the Confident Kid Collective Course and your coaching: 

I am SO excited about The Confident Kid Collective and the new course I just created. After I did ED Recovery Coaching for about 2 years virtually, I was really missing working with kids. I know from my experience with an eating disorder and with my clients, that all of this stuff starts so young. I want to be on the preventative side of eating disorders and I believe it starts with US and the environment kids are in. With my teaching background, my experience as a nanny, and my ED coaching I created a course for parents and/or teachers to do alongside their kids!

Most of the behaviors we learn when it comes to the way we view our bodies and how we fuel them is what we see. What we see from our parents, our peers, and in the media. This course has 4 different units, Core Values & Strengths, Navigating Big Emotions, Body-Image & Navigating Body Changes, and Healthy & Happy Bodies. There are 16 lessons and they are meant to do alongside an adult, with worksheets, activities, and discussion questions to create conversation within our schools and families. My goal is to create safe spaces for kids to talk about the common discomforts of growing up and giving them the tools to become confident and self-assured teens and adults. I would love to start working in schools again and hopefully get CKC added into curriculum because it is SO important that our youth learn how to be self-loving and compassionate individuals. 

Do you have any events/life moments or projects coming up you’d like people to know about?

I am doing a couple of retreats in 2022 with Trova Trip that I am super excited about! I am going to Costa Rica, Bali, and Thailand and I am SO excited to travel with my awesome followers! And of course I am VERY excited about my wedding coming up in November 2022! 

Why did you choose to call your neighborhood home?

My Fiancé and I live in Platte Park and we LOVE it! I love being a little outside of the city and we love the south side of Denver. We love the close proximity to Wash Park (where we met) and the chill and cozy vibes of the neighborhood!

What are your favorite Denver places?

We just found out about Wildflower LoHi and it has become our new FAVORITE spot! The food is incredible, the vibes are chill and sexy, and the staff is honestly the best! You are taken care of when you go there and we love the overall vibes. We also love Forget Me Not in Cherry Creek, the drinks and lounge vibes are awesome and I feel we don’t have the sexy lounge vibes as much here in Denver. As for things outside of food and drinks, I love my gym SO much! BBP (Bodies By Perseverance) in Five Points is awesome. The music is the best, the trainers (RJ) are impeccable, and the workouts are kick ass! We love the diversity and inclusivity there too, feels welcoming! 

What do you love about Denver?

I honestly didn’t like it at first (I missed being near water), but the more I’m here the more I love it! I love being able to access the outdoors easily, that was such a godsend during quarantine! I also love my community of friends I have here, we love our gym, our friends, and I love how Denver is all about community, not competition. 

How would you describe the personality or “vibe” of Denver?

Oh man…I feel like depending on who you are and what you do, Denver can be different for everyone. I used to think it was “crunchy” and a little too hippy vibes for me, but I love how chill and relaxed with a hint of boujee depending on where you go! Overall, its just fun, there’s ALWAYS things to do here! 

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