Meet Virginia |

Founder & CEO of New Digital Event Planning Platform App: Partytrick

Hi Virginia!  Can you tell us about Partytrick ? What led you to create this Digital Event Planning Platform App?

I’m Virginia Frischkorn. 
I grew up on the east coast and moved to the Aspen area in 2006 after graduating from college. After the last 10+ years of founding and running Bluebird Productions, a luxury and ultra-luxury event planning company, I realized that wanted to share all of the tips, tricks, and hacks, and the well-curated events we had the honor of doing with everyone on an everyday basis. I believe that everyone should feel empowered to create amazing memories and foster connections. And, this doesn’t only need to happen when hosting a large special event. The moments that often matter most are the everyday moments shared amongst friends like a movie night or a Sunday supper or brunch with girlfriends. With that mission in mind, we created Partytrick, a web-based app, that offers curated experiences and all the tools, tips, and tricks needed to empower hosts to create a party that looks great, has all the pieces of the puzzle contemplated, and runs smoothly for them! It’s one thing to make a tabletop pretty, it’s way better when the entire experience is flawless! 
In 2020, gatherings and large parties as we all knew them disappeared. This highlighted the fact that disconnection had reached an all time high. The race was on figure out how to take a luxury service, like event planning, previously only accessible to a small portion of the population, and bring it to the masses.

Tell Us About all about Partytrick and what makes it a unique experience for hosts?

There is nothing like Partytrick out there…. yet! There is so much to share about the experience it provides. At it’s core, using Partytrick is interactive compared to a long PDF or blog style scrolling nonstop. Unlike a tabletop rental company or a site that shows off pretty party inspo, we curate gatherings (we call them parties) and contemplate every piece of the puzzle to make it easy, accessible, and replicable. We do so in a fun and engaging fashion. From our shoppable design ideas, to our menus, to the playlists, to the hosting hacks, to our timed reminders that come to you via SMS, we provide an experience just like having an event planner up your sleeve. It’s aspirational,  but very very attainable for the average person. 

What are some Featured Parties that people can choose from this Holiday Season? 

We’re in the thick of hosting season as you know!. A few of my favorites for something quick are our Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, and Pumpkin Spice. I also LOVE using our  Campfire Party  for fun evenings with my family!
As December approaches, our Winter Wonderland Party is perfect for a shimmery and festive fete! If you’re looking for something a bit more risqué, our Cinnamon Spice and all things (naughty) and Nice Party delivers just that! With ski season around the corner, we couldn’t help but design an Apres Ski party as well!

How can people “Tailor” a party to their own concept with you? 

The list of themes and parties we have in production and up our sleeves is endless. We’re constantly designing more parties for you all! Until that perfect theme comes out, reach out to us to create a custom or “tailored” party for you. We’ve had requests for book clubs, a scoprio themed birthday weekend celebrations, a baby sprinkles, gift exchange parties, and a 60th birthday fete since launching just under a month ago.
I also LOVE and encourage everyone to use our DIY feature. I spoke with a customer who used this when hosting a 40th birthday party for his wife. He felt the timeline reminders kept him feeling confident that he’d contemplated everything for her party. As recent as this morning, I received a note from a mother using the DIY feature for her daughter’s 6th birthday party tomorrow. She sent a screenshot of her email with a note below about how helpful the tips were.

How can people learn more about Partytrick ? Any deals going on?

Check out Partytrick on the web + IG. We are offering a 3 month free trial on our PARTYPRO account using the code LETSPARTY. Hurry though – you’ll want to take advantage of all of our tips and hacks this holiday season so keep your sanity in check!

Are you from CO? Why did you choose to call your neighborhood home?

I am originally from Virginia (yes, Virginia from Virginia, I’ve never heard that one before…).
I moved to Colorado in 2006. In 2018, after my divorce, I started spending time in Denver when my children are with my ex-husband. My sister lives in South Park Hill so I spent a lot of time with her there. When I decided to get a place in Denver, I rented near Wash Park. I’m a big runner and love being able to run the park each morning or jump on the Cherry Creek Trail easily. After searching for a while, I found a home that I LOVE. It is in Country Club. I’m at the end of a year+ renovation and will be back in my home by February 2023. I cannot wait.  I love the historic vibe and how quiet the neighborhood is while still being super close to everything I need access to while here. There is something “east-coasty” that feels very familiar to me when I’m walking around my neighborhood that quenches my nostalgia for the East Coast.

How would you describe the personality or “Vibe” of Denver? 

Let’s just say I LOVE Denver and I love how every neighborhood has a different vibe. Whether it be edgy or classic or up-and-coming, there is so much variety and diversity in this fabulous city. I feel like Denver has something for pretty much everyone and has neighborhoods that work for each phase or chapter of life the resident is in!
Denver is active, Denver is curious, Denver is outgoing, and Denver is grounded but always changing.

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