Meet the Woman Behind “Apres Every Day” | Affordable Ski Clothing

 Hi Melanie! How did you come to create “Apres Every Day” clothing in Colorado?


I’m Melanie Laituri,  I am originally from Hinsdale, IL – which is a small suburb outside of Chicago. Growing up, I was lucky enough to experience Colorado and the mountains at a very young age. My parents owned a condo in Beaver Creek and we spent our summers and Christmas/Spring Break at our condo. My first and most precious memories as a child consisted of falling in love with the mountains of Colorado. When I was 2, my parents put me on skis, and I was never the same (in the best way). I spent the next 16 years trying to convince my parents that a move to Colorado was a good idea. Spoiler alert – I was unsuccessful in my persuasion attempts. As soon as I graduated high school, I moved to Denver to attend Regis University and get my marketing degree. During my time at Regis, I spent every minute of my free time skiing. Some of my best memories from those days skiing with friends were our ‘end of day’ libations which usually consisted of us gathering around a fire and sharing our favorite parts of our day together. After I graduated, I moved to Vail to pursue my ski bum passions.

During my time in Vail, I was a waitress at a bar named Garfinkels – and I watched thousands of families and friends gather together after a day on the slopes, sharing stories and laughs over a round, or two, or three… of drinks. This end-of-day celebration has a formal name, and it is called Après Ski. The magic of seeing people from all over the world come together and share in their love for the mountains is special.

While I was a waitress, I saw some EPIC Après Ski outfits. With those epic outfits came an even more epic price tag. Stores in the mountains carried mountain apparel, but the price tag on that apparel always seemed to be sky-high and catered only to an elite group of wealthy tourists. What about us everyday people that can’t and won’t pay $500 for a sweater? I love to express my love for the mountains, skiing, and Après – but not at the cost of my savings account. I did some research and saw there was a gap in the market and Après Everyday was born. We built Après Everyday on the foundation that we will provide fun, cute, and affordable pieces to people that they can wear everyday – on or off the slopes. We hope you love the products we have hand-picked for us mountain lovers and are excited to share and grow our passion with you!

What are some of your favorite pieces in your shop? 

How can people shop your Clothing Online? 

People can visit us online 

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Keep an eye out for us at local farmer’s markets this summer!

Which Colorado neighborhood did you eventually choose to call home? 

 I was raised in Hinsdale, IL – but my husband and I bought our first home in Twin Lakes and we absolutely love the proximity to I-76, as it provides easy access for us to I-70 and the mountains.

How would you describe the Personality or “Vibe” of Denver?

 The Vibe of Denver is so refreshing. Growing up near Chicago, people were always in a hurry, stressed, and not the most friendly. I fell in love with Denver almost immediately after realizing that complete strangers say hello to each other. People here love and show respect to each other no matter where you came from, what color your skin is, or what your beliefs are. We share in our love for the outdoors and prioritize our time in nature. Combine the awesome people with great restaurants, unique breweries, and the location of the mountains – what more could you ask for?!

What are your favorite Colorado Ski /Mountain spots?

Any favorite Denver Spots you want to shout out? 

Beaver Creek will always hold a special in my heart, but I also love Vail. The skiing is world-class and the villages are so charming. 

As far as Denver spots, Rein Haus and Brooklyn’s for Avs game pre-game drinks, Blue Pan Pizza for the BEST deep dish we’ve found in Colorado, Happy Camper for a fun spot to gather with friends, and Postino for all the bruschetta boards and wine happy hour vibes.

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