Corinna + Matt | Ignite Your Aura


Tell us a bit about your journey to starting Ignite Your Aura Photography?

Corinna has worked as a professional photographer for close to 10 years. A few years ago, she decided to start incorporating ceremony work into her photo sessions, to create an intentional experience where photography didn’t feel so uncomfortable and intimidating. It’s been a blessing to allow photography to be an experience where your client can actually experience some energetic shifts, along with getting photos that truly capture how they feel and see themselves.

When she stumbled upon aura photography, she new this would be a beautiful bridge between photography and spirituality, and that it could be much more accessible to more people that a full photo session. 

Tell us about your photography style? How do you capture people’s Auras? And what does that mean to you/ your clients?

Photo, whichever kind, is really about seeing and feeling one another. For Corinna, she likes to take time with each person to feel into what best supports them. Sometimes that means jumping in and taking their photo before the nerves set in. Sometimes that means dropping into a sweet little meditation to soothe any nerves that may arise. 

For Matt, laughter will always be a part of his process and his magic. He has a natural charm that gets people out of their head, and not take things too seriously.

On the technical side, we use the AURA CAM 6000 which was designed in the 70’s and uses bioelectric feedback technology to  measure and interpret your aura. Each session comes with a Polaroid of your aura, as well as a sit down intuitive reading and interpretation of your aura. 

We love making the sessions feel playful and inviting, over scary and intimidating. A fun new way to see yourself.

How can people book your services?

Either through the events page on our website, or through our social media page, @igniteyouraura. We are always updating our bio with current events in and around town. 

What are your top Accomplishments of 2021/2022? 

-Getting to serve over 15,000 people at the ETH Denver cryptocurrency conference, with aura photos in the zen zone. A complete bucket list opportunity for us!

-Traveling all the way to Saint Barths to take aura photos for a private 50th birthday party! 

-The opportunity to get to work with Elan Artists at the Amangiri resort this summer. 

-Growing in our partnership together, in both life and business. It’s been a complete joy to watch this unfold together, and get to see and honor one another’s strengths.

What are your favorite local Denver Businesses / Places?

CLP Jewelry has some of the best most curated pieces. This is totally a place you want to go for 1 really special item, and then make it a tradition to keep going back for more. They also offer permanent jewelry with more of a feminine touch. 

Terra Apothecary, this space is so grounding and nourishing. They make a lot of their items in house, and support a lot of denver artists by selling local and sustainable. 

The Solshine – this space has felt like home to me for as long as I’ve been in Denver. A complete goddess Mecca of all things clothing, ritual, and they even have their own essential oil line that is really like nothing else I’ve owned. 

Are you from CO? Why did you choose to call your neighborhood home?

We are both originally from CT, but have lived in many cities before we settled on Denver. We love the way it meets you in the middle, there is a laid back vibe, but a dedication to both work and family. And the outdoors is naturally the best thing about it. 

What do you love about Denver?

All the things. We love the outdoors, almost anywhere you live there is a park or walking trail in close proximity. And when you have a day off, adventuring to the mountains is always our cup of tea. We love how much talent this city has, and how many entrepreneurs there are working hard at what they love! Of all the cities we have lived in, Denver has always felt the most supportive. Our community wants to see you thrive, and have your back when you need it, and I think there is something really special to that. 

How would you describe the personality of Denver? 

Humble. There is something really nourishing about the community here. In our experience we have been greeted with a lot of kindness, and I think that speaks volumes  to how this city can continue to grow. 

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