Meet Milli Boateng | Visionary + Owner of Bloom & Noosh


Hi Milli! Can you introduce yourself and your backstory about starting Bloom and Noosh?

My name is Millicent Boateng, but I go by Milli. I started Bloom and Noosh during the pandemic. I was living alone and during my weekly trips to the grocery store I’d buy myself flowers and create arrangements. I would share snaps with friends and they encouraged me to take it beyond just making myself arrangements. My business grew from there with deliveries, and then into weddings and now a few corporate events! I have lived in Colorado since I was 4 years old and live just north of downtown.

What are some of your favorite florals or pieces you’re highlighting this month for Valentines/ Galentine’s Day?

Some of my favorite florals are Ranunculus, anemones and toffee roses. I love the simplicity of these flowers but also the variety of color and texture the can add.

What are some of your favorite passion projects you’ve worked on?

One of my favorite passion projects I’ve worked on, is Bloom & Noosh in general. Since starting in 2020, I’ve faced challenges and hurdles but so many positive moments that encourage me to keep going. This year i’m focusing on creating a more purposeful and intentional brand presence.

What accomplishments  are you most of proud of from 2022? Any goals or hopes for 2023?

My favorite accomplishment from 2022 was celebrating year two in business and connecting with the community and new clients in a variety of ways, from small events and collaborations with other businesses that I admire or just conversations to further fueled me. My goals for 2023 are refreshing my website and the layout, cleaning up some processes for wedding clients and getting back into social media, in an authentic way.

How would you describe the Personality or “Vibe” of Denver?

I’d say the vibe of Denver is colorful. It’s growing and expanding, but communities are making an impact in creating meaningful businesses, connections and events.

What are some of your favorite Denver based businesses you’d like to shout out? 

Some favorite Denver businesses of mine are: Bellissima Beauty, The Lash Insider, Body love by Tal, Glamour Lounge and Flick of The Whisk Cakes

Will you be offering any promotions for upcoming Holidays?

I won’t be offering a specific Valentine’s Day order this year. I will have my regular flowers available for order and delivery on Saturday and Sunday (2/11 & 2/12), but not for delivery on 2/14. While I am not having a push for Valentine’s Day this year, I’d encourage readers/viewers to stick around for Spring specials and Mother’s Day blooms! But sending someone “Just Because” flowers is always a great idea. 🙂

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