Meet McCall Morrow

Manager of Meraki Moon + The Fix Leather Studio

Tell us about your backstory leading to where you are now with owning your own business: The Fix Leather Studio; and with managing Meraki Moon Boutique?

Hello! My name is McCall Morrow and I’m a designer and boutique manager here in Denver. I’m a Denver native, but I spent much of my early twenties living in the south attending the Savannah College of Art and Design and studying design abroad during grad school. I started as a fashion major, but in a random elective class, discovered accessory design. I then learned they offered accessory design as a major. So sign me up! Little did I know, that changing my major that day would lead me to winning the best made student bag award at the, Independent Designer Handbag Awards in NYC five years later, in 2017. 

I loved attending SCAD and being part of that collaborative community. There’s really nothing like it! But at some point I had to join the ranks of the working world (something SCAD did a great job of preparing me for) and was an accessory designer in NYC and then became a personal stylist and lived in Washington, DC. But I always knew long term I wanted to start my own leather goods company hoping to grow it into a lifestyle brand.

After my professional career on the east coast I decided it was time to move back home to Denver and start my brand (not knowing what was about to happen in the world). When I moved back, I excitedly got going on my “start a business checklist” I made myself on a post-it. I got my LLC, ordered business cards and started building my social media…then a month later we were in lock down. So I had my little business name, The Fix Leather Studio, and all these big plans, but the world just got very small. Life has a funny way of changing plans pretty drastically. I put my business on hold and went back to some of my East coast contacts and got a freelance job designing accessories for TJMAXX. Once covid was “over” I came across a help wanted on Instagram and that led me to Meraki Moon. What a journey that was! 

My time at Meraki has been so much fun and even though I have only worked there since October 2021, it feels like family already. Sophie (Meraki Moon’s owner) has been very supportive of my business, while I also get to help with hers. It’s been a collaboration I didn’t know I needed but has given me the opportunity to grow my professional and personal networks. I have so many new amazing women in my life because of this job. Meraki has been front and center in my life currently, my work for “The Fix” is more backburner at the moment. But I’m always open to do custom bags and products so don’t hesitate to reach out to me on my socials. A lot of exiting new business ventures are coming soon for The Fix Leather Studio and Meraki Moon. So stay tuned!

What neighborhood is Meraki Moon located in? Why was this neighborhood chosen for the business? 

RiNo, at Backyard on Blake. Meraki Moon was one of the original tenants of Backyard on Blake. RiNo is an up and coming artistic neighborhood with a lot of potential and growth. All the new apartment buildings popping up in RiNo are making it quite the young and hip place to live. Perfect spot for a destination boutique, like Meraki Moon.

3070 Blake St. Suite 100

Denver, CO 80205

How can people find your Leather Goods? How can they find Meraki Moon? 

You can find The Fix Leather Studio on Instagram at thefix.leatherstudio and on Etsy at

Meraki Moon is on Instagram at shopmerakimoon and online at

We love your fashion and style. What are some of your favorite looks from Meraki Moon?

These Looks Below ⬇️

Are you from Denver? Why did you choose to call your neighborhood home?

Yes! I am from Denver. Currently I live in Cherry Creek. It’s the area I grew up in and most familiar with. But when it comes time to move and invest in a new home I will be exploring a few different neighborhoods just to see what is out there!

What are your favorite local Denver places? 

Besides the obvious (Backyard on Blake and Meraki Moon)- One of my mom’s and my favorite local businesses is The Lark, amazing home goods and unique gift store. Satchels is my go to neighborhood restaurant when I don’t want to deal with the busy Cherry Creek area. The food is delicious and the space is cozy and comfortable. My favorite new bar in Denver is The Dew Drop Inn. Their fried chicken is the best I’ve ever had and they make a fabulous expresso martini. 

How would you describe the personality of Denver? 

There’s just so much to do here! You can’t really be bored in Colorado/Denver. It’s a very laid back and friendly city. With so many new people and out of towners living here it’s starting to have a lot more vibes and niches within the city and people groups. Completely different than it was growing up here. I honestly feel like a new resident myself at times! I’m thankful to find there is a growing fashion and vintage scene here, it’s time we expand beyond just the “fashion hubs” of the world. 

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