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Hi Margarita! Can you tell our readers your full name and your backstory leading up to starting Margarita Bravo Design Studio? What influences your design style?

Hi, I’m Margarita Bravo, founder of MARGARITA BRAVO Interior Design Studio. With a background in Industrial Engineering and Interior Design studies in New York and Barcelona, I’ve developed a unique skill set that combines technical knowledge and creativity.

My design style is inspired by European and Latin American aesthetics, creating spaces that reflect clients’ personalities with my personal touch. I work alongside architects from the early stages of home design and full home renovations, executing projects that result in finished homes that represent both the clients taste and my abilities as an interior designer. 

What challenges have you faced along your journey? 

Throughout my journey, I have faced several challenges. Coming from a working-class family in a small town in Venezuela, I have witnessed the hard work and dedication of my parents, who were college professors, and my grandpa, who worked in the trade industry. As a Latino woman with an engineering background, I entered a male-dominated field and started a business with differentiated offerings to navigate a highly competitive landscape.

Balancing my roles as entrepreneur, mother, and wife has also been a challenge. However, my family keeps me grounded and fuels my passion for making a difference in each of my clients’ interior design projects. My resilience is reflected in my business’s growth, positive client feedback, and expanding team.

 If people want to book your services, how can they? What locations do you travel to for projects / clients? 

We are located in Denver, CO with offices in Miami, FL and Montecito, CA.

They can see our entire portfolio at or follow us on IG at

What are some of your favorite spaces you have designed? 

One of my favorite spaces we’ve designed is the Greenwood Village Home Renovation. This project involved remodeling a 1980s Denver home, focusing on the kitchen, living room, basement, kids’ bathrooms, and guest rooms. Our clients had a clear vision of wanting an elegant, modern, and sophisticated look, which we achieved through a combination of finishes, colors, and materials.

We added and removed walls to create a seamless flow, changed windows, doors, baseboards, millwork, and trim, and redesigned the fireplace.

This project stands out due to the harmonious blend of contemporary and timeless elements throughout the home, the attention to detail in custom millwork and trim, and the successful collaboration with our clients to bring their vision to life. The end result was visually striking and functional, reflecting the personality and style of the homeowners.

How does your design process work when helping a client make their dream space come to life? How do you integrate their style with your artistic vision?

Our design process starts with a phone call to understand the client’s project. We then schedule a consultation at their space to discuss the scope and services. Upon agreement, we create a concept design, including drawings, materials, and estimates.

We integrate the client’s style with our artistic vision by involving them in every step, from consultation to concept design. We listen to their preferences and ideas, using our expertise to create a space that aligns with their vision and enhances it with our unique touch.

What Denver neighborhood did you eventually choose to call home?

 I have chosen to call Observatory Park in Denver my home. Observatory Park is a beautiful neighborhood with a strong sense of community, which I find very appealing. The area is filled with tree-lined streets, close to Denver University, and a diverse mix of architectural styles that inspire my work as an interior designer. Additionally, the central location of Observatory Park allows me to easily access various parts of Denver, making it convenient for both my personal and professional life. The combination of community, beauty, and convenience is what drew me to Observatory Park and why I am proud to call it my home.

What do you love about having a business in Denver? 

What I love about having a business in Denver is the opportunity to blend the city’s unique combination of urban charm and natural beauty in my interior design projects. Denver’s vibrant, active, and nature-inspired vibe allows me to create distinctive and inviting spaces that reflect the diverse influences and character of the city. The welcoming atmosphere and strong sense of community in Denver also make it a pleasure to work with local clients who share a passion for creating beautiful and functional living spaces that truly reflect their personalities and lifestyles.

You’ve been featured in many publications, magazines and articles- what are you most proud of? 

I’m incredibly proud to have been featured in numerous publications, magazines, and articles, which highlights our collaboration with talented brands and showcases our work. Among these achievements, I take great pride in having our projects recognized in some of the country’s most prominent publications.

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What do you love about your team and how do they help your business? 

Our team at MARGARITA BRAVO is a diverse and talented group of individuals with expertise in various aspects of interior design, engineering, and project management. What I love about my team is their passion, creativity, and commitment to delivering outstanding results for our clients. Each member brings unique skills and perspectives, which enables us to provide a comprehensive and personalized design experience. Their collaborative approach and dedication to exceeding client expectations are essential to the success of our business.

How would you describe the Personality or “Vibe” of Denver? 

Denver’s personality can be described as a dynamic blend of urban sophistication and outdoor adventure. The city is known for its friendly, welcoming atmosphere, coupled with a strong sense of community. Its diverse population brings together a mix of cultural influences, which is reflected in the local art, cuisine, and design. 

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