Meet Denver Make Up Artist | Deven Collins


Can you Introduce yourself to our readers?  Tell us how your passion for Make Up began?

I wasn’t much of a makeup wearer in high school or college. I was attending the Art Institute of Colorado for Fashion Design and working backstage a lot at Fashion Shows. After helping touchup models, models began to ask me one by one to do their makeup rather than the hired MUA. Then I began freelancing for MAC (a rite of passage) worked at a counter at Nordies (Lancome- we hit $1 Million in sales that year and won many awards). Laura Mercier recruited me and I began freelancing for her in addition to other cosmetic lines until I found my way. To date, I have been trained in 17 luxury brands.

I worked my way up at Laura Mercier and became a National Artist, Trainer and Event Coordinator resigning after 9 years so that I could have a family.

I stayed home for a bit with my two children, then Covid-19  hit, so I’m finding my way back. In just two months, I have done MU for two runway shows, have a handful of weddings and boudoirs booked, have been asked to do some styled shoots and set designs and have collaborations with many wonderful industry professionals; a fine Art Photographer and Fashion Photographers. I’m grateful to bounce back after a hiatus doing something that I love! Anything that is creative: Fashion, Runway, Makeup, Interior and Set Design brings me such joy.  I also do Lifestyle shoots and wardrobe styling, as well as Event/Gala Makeup and Freelance Event planning and set design.

What are some of your top projects / looks you have done?

Denver is not LA or NY , so it is a bit different here. I have been published in The Knot, Allure, Women’s Health Magazine, and 4 books. I’ve been in the industry for 20 years now. I’ve done many headshots, TV and News Anchors, Broncos and Nuggets Cheerleaders, Local Celebrities and Philanthropists. I’ve also done Commercials for Frontier Airlines, a Jeweler, Wedding show, and various other shoots.

Are you from Denver? Why did you choose to call your neighborhood home?

I am not originally from Denver. I am from Traverse City, Michigan area. I moved here when I was 13 , however, so this has been home for quite some time. I love it here and don’t envision moving any time soon. We had a historic bungalow in Congress Park for 8-9 years or so and when I became pregnant with my first child, we moved to Lowry to have more space. I was 8.5 months when we found this home and luckily she was 2 weeks late so we could unpack a bit. Now we have 2 children: 6 & 8.  Love the Lowry Community, the parks and the walkability.

What are your favorite local Denver businesses/places?

Since having children and then Covid, I am not as in tune with all of the happenings. I love the variety of cuisine and culture. I can take my kids and Goldendoodle puppy for a hike at Mt. Falcon in the morning where it’s cooler and still have plenty of time to work or meet friends out for dinner. Restaurants-Oldie but goody Cherry Creek Grill (The Macho Salad is where it’s at)! Cafe Brazil in the Highlands area is fantastic. Order a Caprihena to drink (national sugar cane and rum drink of Brazil) Copa-Cabana or Xim-Xim to eat. (Coconut curry base with blanched veggies and fresh fish, chicken etc). This is not listed on the menu, but the chef always keeps a batch of cold yogurt soup. (Cucumber, jalapeños, yogurt). No idea what else is in there, but I dream about it.
Love vintage shopping on Broadway every once in a while.

Every birthday and Mother’s day I check into a local Denver Metro hotel solo. Spa and shopping twice per year and a good nights sleep is so restorative. Brown Palace, Manor Vail for a girl’s only trip, The Maven at Dairy Block is fun. The Jacquard in Cheery Creek with the rooftop pool. Anywhere that I can get to in 2 hours or less.

What do you love about Denver?

What I love about Denver is that for being a Big City it’s really quite small. The proximity to the mountains. Coming from Michigan it’s so great to see the sun out 360 days per year. My only single complaint is that we are landlocked. If we had an ocean or large body of water it would truly be paradise. But don’t tell everyone. We are becoming more populated.

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