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Hi Kyana! Can you tell us your backstory leading up to becoming a successful Blogger? 


I love to write so I’ve had several blogs over the years. I started my most recent one, Blackadventuremom, in 2020 as a way to share my family’s adventures with the world. I knew if other families could see us adventuring, it would give them more inspiration, ideas, and courage to take more adventures with kids.

 Are you from Colorado? Which neighborhood did you eventually choose to call home? 

I am not from Colorado. I grew up in Washington, DC. We have lived here since 2019 and love it! Our lives are split between Denver and Boulder so we live in a suburb right in the middle of both!

What are some of your favorite Colorado Nature Places to take your family for adventures?

There are so many amazing places to explore nature in Colorado. Some of our favorites are Garden of Gods in Colorado Springs, Estes Park, Clear Creek Trail in Golden, CO, Paco Sanchez Park in Denver, and the state parks like Eldorado Canyon State Park.

What are some of your highs and lows/struggles with influencer life? 

Some of my highs of influencer life is working with amazing companies like Patagonia and PBS Kids, getting to explore new places and do fun activities together, and being featured on great platforms like Good Morning America.

The lows of influencer life are the negative comments we get sometimes just from sharing our story. That’s never fun, but we’ve learned to not give it much attention.

What accomplishments are you most of proud of from 2022? Any goals or hopes/projects coming up for 2023? 

We had a lot of great accomplishments in 2022. We visited 15 national parks together as a family! It was also our first full year as full time influencers.

How would you describe the Personality or “Vibe” of Denver? 

I think Denver’s vibe is adventure. Whether it’s trying new restaurants or heading out to the mountains, people in Denver are creative, open to exploring, and love stretching themselves and established norms.

What are some of your favorite Denver based businesses/places you’d love?

Denver has some amazing businesses and places to explore! A few that I love are Make Believe Bakery, Hops & Pie, Meow Wolf, Twist & Shout Records music store, Lighthouse Immersive, Zeppelin Station, Confluence Park, — just to name a few.

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