Meet Kaytlyn Gilner | Owner of Meet Me West Clothing


Hi Kaytlyn! Can you introduce yourself to our readers? Tell us a bit about your background and your story leading up to starting Meet Met West?

My name is Kaytlyn, and I was raised in Boulder, Colorado. Even though I was surrounded by nature, I didn’t appreciate the outdoorsy spirit until I was in my late 20’s. I struggle a bit with anxiety (who doesn’t these days?) and I noticed how much staying active and forcing myself to get outside was directly correlated to my mental health. 

I found myself making outdoor activities a priority. I spent a lot of time camping, road tripping, climbing, snowboarding… any chance I got, and I built a great network out likeminded friends. We made memories that last a lifetime and I found a lot of other people find the same solace as I did in the outdoors. 

I have always wanted to start my own business, and when the pandemic hit, it felt like it was meant to be. I had so much time on my hands and I really wanted to make the best out of such an unfortunate time. 

Everyone was so divided and disconnected from one another. The anxiety and depression so many of us experienced during that time was very real. Living in Colorado, I am very fortunate to have open access to the mountains whenever I wanted. I spent most of my social distancing staying active and still getting sunshine but I knew that so many people were not as fortunate. 

I wanted to create an inclusive brand that represented everyone and hopefully motivated them to get outside and stay active if they could. Whether it’s getting outside on a walk, sitting around a fire or hitting the road for an outdoor adventure. 

What inspires your brand?  Nature? Community? Inclusivity?

Meet Me West is inspired by nature, community, and inclusivity and not one more than the other. I think each equally contributes to what the brand is all about; Getting outside, keeping people connected and ensuring that everyone is included regardless of race, sex, age, location, hobbies or skill levels. MMW represents everyone. 

What are some of your favorite or most popular looks or items you sell? 

The first shirt I created was a basic Women’s Tee that said “Nature Is Cool.” I love this one because its soft and stretchy and I love tying into a crop. It’s cute and comfy and I love the simplicity in the words and what it means. 

 I love the Wild Unisex Tee because of the whispy font and again simplicity which I like to represent in my designs. This design also comes in a cozy hoody and crew sweatshirt.

 A new design but a favorite is the Ladies Crop Evergreen Tee. It’s unique, and it looks great when you are outside on a hike or camping but also dressed up with my tights and booties. I love anything versatile and this is it.

How can people find your store? Are you 100% online? Any popups in Denver? 

Meet Me West is an online store but I am occasionally at outdoor film events such as Reel Rock or the Backcountry Film Festival. Hoping to do more pop ups in the future. Follow on our Instagram for updates @meetmewest and

What accomplishments in 2021/2022 you are most proud of?

In 2021 I am most proud of starting my own business as a one woman show and throughout that process meeting one of my best friends and starting a podcast together – Not So Dumb Blondes. 

Are you from Colorado? Why did you choose to call your neighborhood home? 

Yes, I am from a town called Superior, Colorado just outside of Boulder. I left for a few years to live in Barcelona, and when I came back I just knew that Colorado is where I wanted to stay. The weather, you cant beat it, and the mountains and places to explore never end. 

How would you describe the personality or “Vibe” of Denver?

Denver’s personality if I had to sum it up would be free spirited. It draws in people from all over who share a mutual love for the outdoors, travel and adventure. The food scene is getting better, and skiing is a short drive away. 


What are your favorite local Denver spots or places? 

I love to eat and there are a few staples that never disappoint. Mister Oso in RiNo, Senior Bear in Lohi and Ashkara. Also Sushi Den and Uchi never Disapoint. 

What are your favorite Nature Spots in Colorado? 

So many but I am a huge lover of Crested Butte, Durango and Buena Vista. 

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