Meet Ghost Ponyy Creator & Artist| Ashley Church


Hi Ashley! Can tell us about your journey to Denver and your backstory leading up starting your business, Ghost Ponyy?

Until 2016 I was an absolute shit show, a rebel child with a fire under my ass to escape the norm. After surviving hypothermia on a lonesome mountain, multiple arrests, getting kicked out of colleges across the west, a lifelong battle with anorexia, escaping death twice, and a wake up call in the middle of the southern Utah desert. I heard my intuition for the first time.

After leaving Boulder, UT (no not Boulder, CO). I found myself living alone in a cabin to heal. I found myself facing all of my shit head on, until my life looked differently. I had always drawn, designed, and loved style since I was a kid, but like so many generations, we were told we couldn’t turn this into a career. I’m here to give this outdated belief the middle finger, and be an example that WE CAN be wealthy AF as artists. Period. 

Now, at 31 and many moons later, my offerings keep getting better and better. I keep becoming healthier, more grounded, more successful, more wealthy, more trusting, more brave, more badass.

In regards to Ghost Ponyy, (my artist pseudonym). Ever since I was a kid, I knew I had been a bank robber in a past life. When I recently saw a dilapidated sign in New Mexico, that read GHOST PONY, I knew that was my new name. So I added an extra Y, rebranded everything, and ran like the wind. Just like my location (I rotate between Denver, Santa Fe + Sedona) my offerings vary too.

Today, Ghost Ponyy offers murals, web design, branding and painted leather jackets.

Pic by @cloudbones

What inspires your work? 

The four corners (Colorado, Southern Utah, Arizona, New Mexico). The divine feminine, red canyons, motorcycle rides down lonesome highways, the desert and her mysteries, color palettes matching the natural world and contemporary design. Inspiring other artists to get after it. 

What are some of your favorite projects you’ve done? 

Definitely painting a hot tub at an Airbnb! 

Murals in Colorado for Proposition 114 (it passed!) to reintroduce wolves back to Colorado. I was hired by Defenders of Wildlife//Rocky Mountain Wolf Foundation for this project. Obviously I’m a big fan of nature + animals!

How can people find your art to purchase your services? 

@ghostponyyy for Instagram 

@ghostponyy for TikTok 

Do you have any projects coming up in 2022 you’d like people to know about? 

Yes! My main niche in regards to murals are boutique businesses, Airbnb’s + Hotels. This fall I’m working with an interior designer out of Santa Fe and painting mini murals all over their new hotel. Legit match made in heaven between her interior design aesthetic and my creative style. 

More murals at an Airbnb in Taos, NM  and a boutique hotel in Scottsdale, AZ. 

My new offering of web design + branding! V excited about helping other creatives get their work online and helping them grow! For those who want a site that reflects their soul’s branding and isn’t afraid to step out of the box. I include video, digital drawings, nature inspired color palettes and rad western to mystical fonts. 

What accomplishments from this past year are you most proud of? 

Dang, so many things. Always grateful to paint walls and design full time. 

Replacing limiting money beliefs with new unlimited ones. The sky’s the limit baby! 

Attracting my EXACT dream clients. I’ve always been inspired by the hotels, The El Rey + The Joshua Tree House, and their mini murals. Have patiently waited for these types of projects, so it’s exciting to watch this come to fruition! 

Why did your choose to call your neighborhood home? 

Originally I was dead set on Golden, your girl needs nature connection ASAP! But when a dreamy modern apartment in the RINO district came up, I experienced a full body YES! Typically when I’m traveling or at my other homes, I’m out in the boonies. So I figured what the hell, why not give city girl life a shot. 

Pic by @cloudbones

How would you describer the personality or “Vibe” of Denver? 

An eclectic sea of entrepreneurs who need the wilderness and want to look fashionable in it.

What are your favorite local Denver Spots?

  • OMG the adult slushies at Mr. Oso (that’s not what they’re called, but you get it). 

  • My girl’s @pachahouse_denver Airbnb that hosts beautiful workshops, ceremonies + great location for branding pics! 

  • Shows at Meow Wolf 

  • Jewelry at, Young in the Mountains, slowly but surely I will convert all of my pieces over to her work. 

  • Rooftop pools at boujee hotels 

  • Motorcycle rides up the local canyons

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