Meet Emily Vizzard | Owner of Phunky Flowers + Revival House

Can you introduce yourself to our readers? Tell us your full name, and your background/ your story leading up to starting PhunkyFlowers?

I am Emily Vizzard. I’m an interior designer but also love crafts and creating fun pieces of art. My husband and I love live music and attend as many shows as possible.  I love to dress up and found that I was making a different flower crown or head piece for each show we were going to.  I would get compliments every time I wore them so I thought, I should make these for others!  Little did I know, creating crowns brings so much joy and a creative outlet for me.  Added bonus, it helps with my ADHD by allowing me to focus on something outside of my career!

Photo By Katie O'Docharty

What are your favorite types of Crowns you’ve created? What makes yours stand out?

Oh this is tough…
There are 2 types that I absolutely love to create.
1.  Wedding crowns.  I love them because it’s for such a special and memorable day.  The crowns are personalized to the wedding party/wedding couple and are all one of a kind.  I also love that they can be worn numerous times or used as wall decor after the wedding festivities because they are make with high quality silk flowers, dried foliage and fun details.
2.  Costume crowns.  I am a HUGE HALLOWEEN FAN.  I have made unicorn crowns, antler crowns, and mermaid crowns.  The costume crowns are the most fun because they are wild and huge!  I love dressing up and wearing costumes.  I am a true believer of “costume days are the best days…why not dress up?!” It brings me so much joy and hopefully it will make others smile too.

Photo By Katie O'Docharty

What are some example occasions that people have used your Flower Crowns? 

Weddings, bachelorette parties, Halloween, Oktoberfest, concerts, baby showers, birthday parties, pregnancy photos, & DOGS 🧡

How can people purchase your flower crowns? 

I am a fully custom shop.  Every order is made to order after discussing the design and colors desired. Instagram: @phunkyflowers . Direct message me if interested! 
I have multiple styles of crowns to fit anyones needs.  The most popular style is on a ribbon so, one size fits all.  They make great presents!

Are you from Colorado? Which neighborhood did you eventually choose to call home? And why?

I am not from Colorado but I have lived here since 2006.  Right now, my husband and I live in Lakewood.  We absolutely love being on the west side of Denver.  We escape to the mountains to white water raft and camp as much as we can.

How would you describe the Personality or “Vibe” of Denver?

Denver is a melting pot.  It’s a fun, quirky hodgepodge.  I love the mix of people that live here.

Any of your favorite businesses or places you’d like to recommend to folks checking out Denver?

I am a big thrifter.  The Brass Armadillo and Goldmine Vintage are my favorite shops.  Broadway is my favorite street to shop.  The mix of antique stores and thrift/vintage shops are amaaaazing!!
For food, and this is a biased opinion…my favorite restaurant is Revival Denver Public House.  It’s a biased opinion because my husband and I own it.  We have live music at least 2 days a week and the food is fantastic!  The atmosphere is also amazing (I designed it 😜).

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