Meet Andrew Pharis | Designer and Founder of Motif Modern, Inc.

 @motif.modern @fapharis

Can you Introduce yourself to our readers? Any background on your journey starting Motif Modern, Inc.?

Growing up in Louisiana, I always had a dream to move to New York City and become a big shot designer. Within one month of finishing Architecture school, I sold pretty much all of my personal possessions and bought a one way ticket to NYC. Along the way, I developed a specialty in high-end luxury residential interiors, and had the opportunity to renovate some really fabulous homes (apartments on Central Park West, a 5k square foot apartment in the middle of SOHO, modern lofts in Brooklyn, a 100 year old tutor revival style home in Los Angeles). I was living my best life, until the pandemic hit.
Construction stopped in NY, the city went on lockdown, and I was trapped in a 500 sq ft studio apartment in the Financial District along with my husband and our small, fluffy dog. We reassessed, and after a few hard conversations, decided to move to Denver. Probably one of the best decisions we have ever made! In Denver, I started working as an architect and interior designer, and just like that I went from designing traditional East Coast style homes, to Colorado mountain modern houses. A design shift I never thought I could make as quickly as I have and I’m enjoying every minute of it! Something positive to come out of the pandemic.
Working in high-end interiors, part of the job is to design custom furniture, rugs, fixtures, etc, but always for the client’s specific aesthetic in mind. During the pandemic I started to think about how I would design these objects if it were for myself. So I started designing and that’s how Motif Modern was born. I started with a collection of rugs and a small run of vases and hope to expand into furniture soon!

What inspires your designs?

I’m inspired by modern art and vintage design. I could spend hours alone wandering around a museum.  I’m still doing architecture and interiors, but when I’m designing a space for a client there is usually a vision that the client already has that I bring to life. Motif Modern gives me the opportunity to create objects based on my own concepts.

What are your favorite designs of yours and/or your best sellers? 

The Chakra Rug is my favorite! I have a custom version of it in my home right now.

How can someone buy your products?

You can purchase any of the rugs from Motif Modern’s website. They are all made to order, so it will take a few weeks to get to you, but I think the wait is worth it! Everything is made from 100% New Zealand wool, which feels so good under your bare feet.

Are you from Denver?  Do you live in Denver area?

I am new to Denver. My husband and I moved here from NYC in May of 2021. We currently live in the Golden Triangle.

Why did you choose to call your neighborhood home?

I feel like the Golden Triangle is 5 minutes from everything! I’m definitely an urbanite, so being close to Downtown was a must.

What do you love about Denver? How would you describe the personality of Denver?

Denver has the perfect balance of big city vibes with a small town feel.

What are your favorite local Denver Spots?

I’m a huge foodie and Denver’s food scene has not disappointed one bit! I love eating at Cuba Cuba Cafe, El Five is a favorite, as well as Bar Dough. For a drink I love Room for Milly and Lady Jane, both have delicious drinks and really fabulous interiors.

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