What can I say? Sarah Wells inspires me! She loves our city, the local businesses and supports our urban craftsman and women through her work at Imbibe. She knows so many local businesses here, the people who own them and their stories. Its the stories and Sarah’s passionate way of sharing them that is so fascinating. Don’t miss meeting Sarah at one of the local events she puts on through Imbibe…anything from Denver Flea, to numerous beer festivals to a ski day this February.

What neighborhood do you live in?

The Colfax neighborhood. (Capitol Hill) I have lived in Denver for eight years and lived here the whole time.

Why did you choose this neighborhood?

I love the energy of Colfax. It is a little gritty but there are new businesses all over. It does not feel sterile. Close to Cheesman or downtown. I like the diverse group of people and style here. Anything from punk rock to yoga clothes goes. You can have a tattoo parlor and a coffee shop sitting right next to each other. It feels like a real city.

What are your favorite places? 

The Thin Man is my favorite bar as it has no TVs. Our Mutual Friend is my favorite brewery. Il Posto or Potager.

P.S. We love your vibe. What influences your style?

I love the spirit of Denver. The Western spirit ingrained- we claim the things we want. I wear cowboy boots everyday! I like hand made stuff, vibrant colors and textures that allow me to express myself. I also like used and re purposed stuff. I like to keep it interesting and functional.