Lo Fi Ho Hum Brings Montana Sounds to Colorado Music Scene

Meet the Band | Jacob | Adam | Shiloh | Maddi

Hi Lo Fi Ho Hum!  

What’s the history behind your band, and what kind of music do you play?

Hey! Thanks for having us! This is Jacob Godbey, the guitarist/singer compiling answers on behalf of the band. That includes Adam Daughtery (Guitar), Shiloh Daricek (Bass), and Maddi (Drums). I grew up in Montana and have been playing and recording music for over half of my life. I finally learned how to write good songs after a decade of trying! Adam is from the Midwest and has been in Fort Collins for several years, lending his insane shredding skills to bands that have both remained local and toured. Shiloh is from Texas and is now a music teacher in Fort Collins. Maddi grew up in Colorado and played drums her whole life but didn’t join her first band until she turned 30! It’s never too late to become amazing at drumming!

The music was written and recorded by me over the last few years of living in Montana and deals with romantic troubles, male loneliness, and the artists’ struggle, all filtered through a humorous lens because of my sketch/improv comedy background. 

Tell us about your latest album “Garage Pop” ? Where can we stream it? 

Garage Pop will be released on all streaming platforms on August 2nd, but our first single, “Never Been In Love” is out now! I traveled to Atlanta recently to shoot an accompanying music video, which was captured all in one take.

Garage Pop is just barely 19 minutes of sparkling pop punk, taking inspiration from Fountains of Wayne, Foo Fighters, and Weezer, among others. We’ve got big harmonies, authentic lyrics, and fast tempos guaranteed to keep listeners hitting the “repeat” button.

What are each of your favorite songs on the new album?

Adam’s favorite song on the album is “Given Up,” which has an extensive section where he gets to rip a face-melting solo. Maddi’s is “Open Mic Night,” which has a catchy hook, funny lyrics, and busy drum parts. Shiloh’s is “Boundaries,” which is a Strokes-meets-Alkaline-Trio jam about the end of a relationship, and my favorite is “Never Been In Love,” the lyrics of which… may get me in trouble with a few exes.

Are you all from Colorado? Which neighborhoods did you choose to call home and why?

Only Maddi is from Colorado, but I personally have been enjoying it so much! We all currently live in Fort Collins because we love the “small town” vibe but we’re only an hour away from Denver so we can go see Bowling For Soup together. We’re also all big nature fans, so it doesn’t hurt to be about 10 minutes from the Rockies.

How is your music blending your Montana Roots with your new Colorado Lives?

I love Montana dearly, but the creative ceiling there is a bit lower than Colorado. I moved to CO and immediately met other musicians with the same mindset, same drive, and same desire. It’s been pretty wild the opportunities we’ve already been afforded!

What challenges have you faced along your journey? 

As a young man, I went straight to Los Angeles to try and make a name for myself. I burned out after a few years and ended up back in Montana, honing my craft and deciding what I really wanted in life. It was a humbling experience, but it allowed me to move to Colorado ready to seize every positive experience I could!

Do you have any Shows coming up?

We’ll be playing July 10th at Chipper’s in Fort Collins! We’re working on an album release party right now, so keep an eye on godbeycreative.com/lofihohum for future dates!

How would you describe the personality or “Vibe” of Denver?

Denver has been absolutely magical to me so far. I’ve had a wonderful time exploring the different venues and connecting with similar-minded folks at The Fillmore, Ogden, Mission, etc. I also went to the zoo with my dad and it was so fun. How many cities have beautiful snow-capped mountains in the background? Denver is great!

Website + Social Media for “Lo Fi Ho Hum?

godbeycreative.com/lofihohum is the website where you can find photos/lyrics/bio/etc.

Please follow us on instagram.com/lofihohum!

And please make TikToks with our songs! I’m too old to do it and make it seem “real,” so it’s up to you!

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