Kirileigh Jones Interview

Hi, this is Antoinette & Nicole with Denver Vibe and Liv Sotheby’s. Coming to you from Bigsby Folly and we’re interviewing the very talented Kirileigh Jones. Kirileigh is from the Bay area in California but she has been in Denver for 4 years. She basically just threw a dart on a map and said this is where I am going, and Denver has been blessed to have her painting murals all across RiNo and all across Denver.

ANTOINETTE: So welcome Kirileigh, we are so happy to have you. Can you define your style as an artist and what themes do you pursue?

KIRILEIGH: I mean, I think as an artist, some of the best advice I have gotten is to constantly be evolving. So I started out, definitely doing, fine line work with a fine lining marker pen and I think now my style has just gotten bigger in that sense, where I still really to do things with very fine line but now I use color. And it’s gone from very detailed pattern work to involving animals and plants and a lot of florals, now.

ANTOINETTE: You have said that collaboration is your passion. How did that play into your work and into our community?

KIRILEIGH: I have gotten to do some of the coolest collaborations with some of the best people I have ever met and they have all turned into my best friends. That’s how I got with Media Person which is through a mural collaboration with Detour who is Thomas Evans. He is also one of my favorite people. I love to collaborate because I just think “the more the merrier” like ,“it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none” is kind of my life motto. So as long as we are having fun and are all getting to pursue what we’ve been dreaming of doing. I think that is why collaboration works and that’s why collaboration is so fun because of these activities.

ANTOINETTE: What role do you think an artist has in today’s society?

KIRILEIGH: I think it is just providing an alternative reality for a lot of people. I think it’s giving somebody a moment to just get lost in something physical. To feel something that they might not know how to feel just by thinking to themselves. I want to provide an experience. I want to provide something immersive where maybe you are not feeling what I was feeling when I put it on this wall or when I put it on this paper or I could have put it on your shoes or wherever I put it. (I love it. That’s so awesome…on your body) I just want someone to look at it and feel something different and I think that’s what artists are like. I think that is what all artist are doing whether they want to or not, it’s just kind of like providing an experience.

NICOLE: You are making such a big difference in our community. You’ve had such an impact on the personality in Denver and in RiNo specifically and it is becoming such a positive place. Do you have any upcoming projects that we don’t know about yet?

KIRILEIGH: I think the one that I am most looking forward to is the next Be a Good Person mural and Fitness in the City – it is going to go inside their gym. Which is really exciting. I just…that whole group of people, the gym included is such family and so it’s like such, it’s like a family affair. And then, yeah um I have had a ton of things going on. I’m doing one down two blocks away and one on South Pearl. There is a ton of stuff I am always working on that I am really excited about. I think the most exciting thing that I have started to get into is painting more shoes! I like painting shoes! And I can do it sitting down in my bed with my dog and I’m not on the ladder which is cool!

NICOLE: Is Denver a great place to be an artist and how would you describe the art scene here?

KIRILEIGH: Yeah! I’ve had the best time in Denver being an artist. I’ve gotten to do some of the coolest, weirdest things with people that I don’t have any idea how I would have met other wise and they’ve contributed things to my life that I could not even fathom having anywhere outside of Denver. I think the art community here at least tries to be really inclusive. I feel I have been really included and I just feel people are open and people are trying new things and people are interested in what other people are doing which I think is cool and I think it is important to just like never lose curiosity in other artists in other mediums and other forms of art. So, I think they really definitely fuels a lot of that because aside from having murals and all these really cool things, they also have tons of art shows that have tons of artists included which gives such diversity just within one theme. So, I mean I think Denver’s the best place to be if you’re an artist.