Keith Graham

Denver Foodie + Lifestyle Blogger


Photo By @SideStoriesColorado

Tell us a bit about your back story leading to where you are now as a Food Blogger?

Blogging started as a creative outlet. I started gearing it more towards fashion and lifestyle back in late 2017 early 2018. As the blog started to become successful; I wanted it to have one main focus and to focus on food was the obvious choice because who doesn’t love food right? During that time I also worked a lot as a construction professional. So I considered myself a weekend warrior and I would try and squeeze in as many restaurants as I could during the weekend. I think that really resonated with most working class people. You work hard doing the week and treat yourself on the weekends.
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What are some of your favorite local Denver restaurants/Foodie Options?  

Toro Latin Kitchen is definitely a favorite. I also like Bellota, Corrine, Piper Inn, Edge Steakhouse, Room for Milly, Plates By The Pound BBQ just to name a few.

What are your top Accomplishments of 2021/2022? 

My top accomplishments of 2021/2022 would be finding a job in the marketing field. This is huge for me because this isn’t something I went to school for but my blog has allowed for many opportunities such as this so I’m STOKED!

What are your Favorite Denver Black Owned Businesses?

Foodwise:  Plates by the Pound BBQ, Dittypop Smoothie, Mood Beats Potion (MBP) Whittier Café.
Not food related:  Sturdy USA;  False Ego.  Both clothing brands.  Also; Black and Blossomed who is a floral artist

Are you from CO? Why did you choose to call your neighborhood home?

I’m from Texas originally. I moved to Colorado in 2013. I lived in Grand Junction for a while before eventually moving to Denver. I’ve lived in the Glendale/ Cherry Creek area since moving here. I love that it’s a central location so it makes maneuvering around the city super easy and I’m also really close to the mall.

What do you love about Denver?

I love Denver summers. I fall in love with Denver all over again every summer. I also love how the communities rally around important issues.

How would you describe the personality of Denver?

I would describe it as Adventurous.

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