Identical Twins, Lena & Leila, Convert Vintage Horse Trailer to Mobile Cocktail Bar


Tell us a bit about your back story together leading to where you are now as owners of Co.Co Mobile Beverages and Bartending?

Hello Denver Vibe!! We are Lena and Leila, identical twin sisters born and raised in Denver. We have been in the hospitality industry for fifteen years working side by side together. We’ve enjoyed everything from bartending, waitressing, to being brand ambassadors for numerous brands. We specialized in high end bottle service for VIP clients in some of Denver’s top lounges and nightclubs.

Before covid hit we had already discussed doing something different with ourselves within the industry. After covid hit, it gave us that push we needed. Now both unemployed, we had the time to further our ideals of our future. So we went ahead and took the leap and betted on us! We asked ourselves, what do we love to do and are good at doing? What makes us happy? How can we make money doing that? The answers to these questions brought us to what has now become Co.Co Mobile Beverages and Bartending.

Over the years our passion has always been working together to consult, assist, and provide the places we’ve worked for on efficiency of their bar setup and the curation of cocktails for their establishments and  special events. Involving ourselves in every part of the process we would use both our ideas and opinions ensuring it was a successful event  and memorable experience for their guests. Working in the industry has given us the chance to meet so many wonderful people from different backgrounds, some who have become close friends who’ve believed in us and supported us in our venture.

We had such a desire to build something of our own. We wanted to build something we could be proud of. We wanted to create something unique and this is what inspired us to turn a “Vintage Horse Trailer” into a fully functional bar on wheels. We believe a horse trailer fits perfect for so many Colorado events and is a cool and  fun way to serve cocktails anywhere. We located a beautiful vintage horse trailer in Elizabeth, Colorado, borrowed a friend’s truck, googled how to hitch a trailer and took off on our future endeavors. Giggling with excitement and nerves, we knew there was no going back, and as they say,” the rest is history”. Step by step, from the ground up we built our first ever mobile bar named CoCo. It wasn’t always easy, but we had each other for support and motivation.

We are now a proud small minority women owned business and we are just getting started!

How did it come about that you chose  to repurpose a Vintage Horse Trailer for Your Mobile Bar?

 We always knew we loved working together and we wanted to do something different that we could call our own. We discussed many ideas and one day it just hit us. “Why not turn a Vintage Horse trailer into a Cocktail and Coffee bar! We have such a love for craft cocktails and coffee and we love to host parties so it all just made sense. So we took the little savings we had and got to work. We built Co.Co from the ground up ourselves with the help from friends and family. We can now say after some time, trials and errors we own our own small mobile horse trailer bar. It’s a fully functional bar on wheels, she’s unique and we just love her!

Do you have any events you will be at that are coming up that you’d like people to know about?   How can people book your services?

 We are booking private and corporate events, and are collaborating with other local businesses. We have done weddings, birthday parties, bridal showers, business grand openings, corporate events and more. You can follow us on our Instagram at Co.Co_bartrailer and visit our website at

What are some of your favorite cocktails you have created? Or favorite Coffee Drinks? 

 We love making all kinds of cocktails from margaritas to old fashions and we help create curated specialty cocktails for our clients based on their favorite spirits. We also make the best Espresso Martinis which combines our love of coffee and cocktails

Below are some cocktails we have made…..

We know you are Denver Natives-  Why did you choose to call your neighborhood home? 

Denver is our city and we love it here. We are well traveled but have a special bond with Denver. What’s not to love about Denver? The people are friendly and the weather is beautiful. We love trying out every new spot we can find and love supporting small businesses. We even just started a blog called “Two Sisters & a Happy Hour”  

What are your favorite local Denver businesses/places you want to shout out? 

Some of our local favorite spots would be MBP which is located in RiNo, they have a great G&T that they add butterfly pea powder making it a beautiful purple color. They also have great food and an inviting atmosphere. Senor Bear and Mister Oso are our go to spots for great margaritas and ceviche tostadas. They’re sister restaurants, Senor Bear is  located in Lohi, and Mister Oso is in Rhino. We also  love Ulteria in Union Station, they have great small bites and a beautiful atmosphere. They specialize in Gin cocktails which is one of our top favorite spirits. 

What do you love about Denver? How would you describe the personality of Denver? 

Denver has grown so much  these past few years. Being Denver natives we have witnessed the growth first hand and love all the cool new establishments and opportunities our city now has. We love being a part of that growth and love meeting all the new people who now call Denver their home too. Denver is more popular than it has ever been and is  tapping into so many cool new developments. You can look one direction and count five cranes, it’s growing so fast and there is so much opportunity. There’s the opportunity to start a business, the opportunity to visit the many new restaurants and bars, and all kinds of indoor and outdoor events to experience.

Denver is our city and we love it here!

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