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Tell us about the Grand Opening of your Bridal Boutique in Five Points:

To survive the impact of the pandemic, I decided to downsize my NYC space, move to another state (Colorado) and start again with a brick and mortar system instead of going full wholesale; as the original idea was. So all my plans completely changed. I’m happy to still be here. Many designers and brands had to entirely shutdown because of COVID. The impact in new businesses was real. For me, it’s really a blessing to be able to open a store and offer my bridal designs to Colorado.

Our Grand Opening to the Public is on March 5th in the historical and exciting neighborhood of Five Points. The Location is 2952 Welton St.

Cocktails and a Beautiful Present will be given that day to everyone who purchases a dress, accessory or Bridal Alteration. The new Boutique is a very beautiful concept where Bridal meets Nature. It’s a very modern and chic environment; where you not only breathe better because of the abundance of oxygen- but also because it’s cool, it’s chic, it’s fun, and it’s beautiful. Brides and guests will be able to shop for plants in the store while they have a unique and modern shopping experience. I’m a millennial designer who wants to bring something unique and beautiful to Denver.
*We will also be hosting a Private Opening for Press and Fashion Industry Feb 26. For all store updates, please follow @gpbridal.

Tell us your journey to becoming a designer:

        I remember always loving fashion since I was a child. I started drawing sketches at a young age, possibly around 10. I lived in NYC for many years and I recently moved to Denver where I opened a temporary Bridal Boutique which will be officially relocated in February to the historical and exciting neighborhood of Five Points.

           I attended and completed my education at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, and with years of hard work, internships, long hour shifts in corporations like Monique Lhuillier, Dennis Basso, Semsem, Calvin Klein, I decided to go on my own and run my own fashion business specializing in bridal and evening. I founded GIA NEW YORK in early 2019, which is a brand that specializes in evening-wear, ready to wear and shoes.

         Later that year I launched Whisper Bridal in October, right few months before COVID hit the entire world. Since then I have being working hard to keep bringing the brands to brides around the world. I must say it’s been challenging, before moving to Denver I had a showroom in SoHo, NYC, launching a full bridal collection on my own right during COVID. It was one of the most difficult projects I have done in my life.

Tell us about the Whisper Bridal Collection? What makes you stand out as a designer?

Whisper Bridal is a brand inspired by NYC culture, but also inspired by my real world. My inspiration comes from art, from the streets, from music, from friends and family, from movies, from stories, from landscapes, from memories.
Every gown is unique in the collection and tells a story. Being myself inspired by the elegance of the haute couture of mid 1900’s, allows me to express ideas through a glamorous collection of gowns with different silhouettes and a well made and high-end variety of fabrics and techniques.

Most of all of my designs feature long and elegant trains with intricate, very intricate craftsmanship. I believe in glamour and I love to design beautiful gowns that make you feel unknown emotions.  My designs are an experience. That’s what makes me different than others. Perhaps elegance. Being in the fashion world for many years but in these days there are not many new brands or designers that want to keep and preserve couture techniques and glamour in their collections. However, I remain strong to my aesthetic and I celebrate love and elegance through glamorous Bridal and evening-wear.

Are you living in Colorado now? Why did you choose to call your neighborhood home?

Yes I am, and Colorado is growing in my heart, indeed. Perhaps the mountains, perhaps the people, perhaps it is everything, but I love it so much. I’m moving to downtown in February.

What are your favorite Denver places?

I love elegant spaces with modern and eclectic vibes. Clayton is my place to go, as I am a member, but I must say Denver has so much to offer and I’m glad I made the decision of coming to Denver instead of the other options I had.

I love having dinner and cocktails at El Five, Cuba Cuba Cafe, Le Bilboquet, Bar Dough and Lady Jane. The Brown Palace and their cigar bar is definitely a cool place with enjoyable vintage vibe. I’m an old soul so I enjoy those type of places, anything with a 1970’s vibe gets me instantly. Last but not least I love driving through “Los Compas”, a Mexican restaurant that sells the most delicious burritos and nachos I’ve ever had.

What do you love about Denver?

The air, the weather, the places, the people, Denver is helping me to heal my mind and spirit, it’s just such a beautiful city, I love the skyline from my current apartment in LoHi.

My favorite neighborhoods are LoHi, Cherry Creek, Five Points and the border of LoDo and downtown.

How would you describe the personality or “vibe” of Denver? 

Denver is a versatile city with different vibes; but they somehow connect in a very nice and ergonomic way. It feels relaxed to the mind, very chic and beautiful places to go out and enjoy a night of dinner and drinks. I’m not a very outdoor person; I grew up as a city person and I like the city energy of Denver. The sunlight is real; It is not as cloudy as NYC.  You can find a large variety of restaurants and that of course is a win- win to everyone.

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