Meet Katy Evans of “Frosted Vibes”


Tell us a bit about your backstory leading up to starting Frosted Vibes? When do you start it?  How can people purchase your desserts?

I was an Elementary School Teacher before becoming a mom to two amazing boys. I have always had a love for baking and once becoming a mom started baking even more. My son has severe allergies which can make it hard to find safe desserts, so I started baking all of his cake requests for birthdays. With the encouragement from friends and family, I started Frosted Vibes. I love being able to bake for others!
To order you can email me at or Instagram @frosted.vibes  (website coming soon)

What are some of your favorite products you’ve made? What are all the varieties of desserts you make?

My favorite products have been cakes that have favorite things as requests to be on their cakes.  I also love florals on cake as it gives another element.
I make cakes, cupcakes, cookies, decorated sugar cookies and love taking on new requests for desserts.

What do you love about Denver? Why did you choose to call your Neighborhood home?

I love having all the seasons in Denver, even when we get to have all of them in one week. I’m also a big Denver sports fan and love being able to attend all different professional sporting events. My favorite thing about my Neighborhood are the views. The sunsets are gorgeous over the water and mountains.

What are your favorite local Denver places? 

I love trying new local restaurants in Denver and shopping around in the local boutiques.

How would you describe the personality of Denver? 

I think the personality of Denver is laid back.

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