1) What neighborhood do you live in?

Harvard Gulch.

2) Why did you choose Harvard Gulch?

I love the older houses–and the mature trees that come with them–mixed with the newer construction.  The area is similar to Wash Park but more affordable. Harvard Gulch Park is also a plus with its loop excellent for walking and its golf course. Nearby is a strip of shops that I adore. Also, the city is accessible from the neighborhood. Basically, it’s easy to get everywhere. At the same time, Harvard Gulch is far enough from downtown that I can breath and actually find parking.

3) What are your favorite local spots?

On South Pearl, I love Stella’s, Izakaya Den, Gracie’s Boutique. On South Platte, I like My Brother’s Bar and Metroboom. In the Highlands, I prefer Lola and Little Man. In LoDo, my faves are Stoic & Genuine (the oysters are killer) and the Kitchen Next Door. For dogs, I like Got Woof and Doggie Delights.

4) P.S. We love your vibe!  What inspires your style?

I’m a free spirit but not a hippie, not conservative but not exactly a hipster. I like to be original but not outrageous. I am edgy and freespirited.