“FlipN Boba” Brings Filipino Flavor to Denver Boba Scene

Meet the Owners | Karla, Cecille, Katrina + Karmina

Hi ladies!

Can you tell us your story leading up to owning “Flipn Boba” and what makes your Boba business unique and stand out?

Hello! I’m Karla Luna and my business partners are Cecille Ocampo, Katrina Luna-Mercado, and Karmina Luna-Dominguez. We are the owners of FlipN’Boba! We’re just four women entrepreneurs who had a vision to bring our culture and love for boba to life! We are one of the few boba shops in Colorado that incorporates traditional Filipino desserts into our products. We also feature artists and small business vendors giving them an opportunity to showcase and sell their products in our shop.

 What are some of your best sellers?

Some of our best sellers include the Ube Supreme inspired by the traditional Filipino dessert. The halo-halo flight which includes the mini versions of the Matcha Supreme, Maiz Supreme and Ube Supreme. Another fan favorite is our bubble waffle with Ube ice cream.

Are you from Colorado? Which neighborhood did you choose for your business?

Our families all immigrated here from the Philippines. We picked Westwood in Denver because we saw how diverse and lively the community is and saw an opportunity for immense growth and connection. We grew up in the Denver / Aurora area. To be able to say that we opened up a business here is something to be proud of. It’s rewarding to be able to contribute and give back to the community that welcomed us.

What challenges have you faced along your journey? 

For most of us this is our first time being business owners, meaning this is also the first time we’ve had to manage a team. So, figuring out each other’s leadership styles was a bit challenging. We all have different personalities and different ideas and ways our business could be run but at the end of the day the end goal is the same; make sure our employees and customers are happy!

How would you describe the personality or “Vibe” of Denver?

As we’ve said before, we love the diversity Denver has to offer and how open the community is to different cultures. No matter what you’re into or interests are there is always a space for you.

We want to give a special shout out to our husbands and families for their continued support and encouragement to keep going. To our staff and customers, thank you!

We wouldn’t be here without you!

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