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Meet Creative Kadir Kojo Adan of Visual Studio 7


Tell us a bit about you? How did you come to start VS7 (Visual Studio 7)?

My name is Kadir Kojo Adan. I use fashion photography and film to tell stories. Early 2020, I began a new venture to help rebuild the art community in Denver as creator and director of Visual Studio 7.

 VS7  is a creative agency based out of Downtown Denver focused on re-building the art community here in Denver, by representing the underground art community.

Tell us about your goal as a Creative Studio in Denver?

We have so many amazing photographers, painters, designers, musicians in our city. We love putting together creative events throughout the entire year to display different forms of art to the public. From mass group themed shoots, film projects, fashion shows, pop up shops, live art galleries, and many more creative communities engaging events. Our goal is to create a safe environment for creatives in Denver to simply create.

What are some your accomplishments this year and goals for this upcoming year?

Some of our past accomplishments are that 85 percent of our models we manage were published within 3 months. Another is that our 8 by 8 ft painting ” Monday Morning “( by local painter @LoadedJesus ) was painted  live during our first fashion show titled the “Concrete Jungle ” depicting the daily lifestyle of a creatives. This was the unofficial grand opening of VoidStudios large studio space on November 7th, 2021. We ended the project with managing roughly 45 models, 6 photographers and 9 designers during the event; with nearly 200 guests attending. Many models, designers, and guests said it was truly a night to remember for a lifetime.  We are hoping to begin a culture of our seasonal fashion shows that are more than just your typical show, as we focus on continuing to direct our attention to the experience of the individual guest, model, and designer.

Tell us about your Fashion Show events coming up? 

This Spring our next upcoming fashion show will be a 2 day live gallery show  revolving the idea of ” FUN ” . As creatives,  the world is our Play/ground and to remember to have fun, specifically when creating. I would like to tell the story of the daily creative.

Day 1: April 22nd doors open at 5:30PM @VoidStudio USA 1790 S. Bannock st. Denver Co. 80223

Day 2: April 23rd our day shows doors opening at 1:30PM. This show is titled ” Born In The Jungle “ , a part one of what is to come later this summer for our End of Summer Fashion Show. We have gathered 10 local designers celebrating Earth Day and the idea of growth flourishing as an artist, but also remembering to have ” Fun! ”  remaining fluid with structure in a professional studio space. The World is our Play/ground.

Tickets for the event can be purchased here: 

Are you from CO? Why did you choose to call Denver home?

I’m not originally from Denver. I was born and raised on a small beach town in East Africa Malindi Kenya. I have been living in Denver for over 8 years now and the way I would describe this city; Denver is the Future. My home is a place that will be the birth of many new innovators who will shift industries.

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