Meet Dr. Darren Bennett, DDS owner of Sloanside Dental. He is passionate about his business & doing business in the Edgewater community. He is offering a new patient special of $85 for an exam, x rays, and a cleaning for patients with a healthy mouth.


Sloanside Dental

2045 Sheridan Blvd Suite H

Edgewater, CO  80212

P: (303) 274-1100


What neighborhood is your business in?

I chose Edgewater to open my practice after I was stopped in my tracks by the beautiful view of downtown over Sloan’s Lake.  

Why Edgewater?

I run a small family business in the middle of a very large population. Edgewater is essentially a small town in the middle of a large city. It has been a competitive advantage to be able to become a distinct part of a community with so many different options people can choose for their dental care.

What is the story & passion behind your business?

I find enormous satisfaction in dentistry by helping people feel and look better.  Nothing hurts quite like a toothache and there is no better first impression than a great smile.  

What inspired the design of your office?

The look of my office was designed to help people feel comfortable and assured. The modern look shows patients that we are up on the latest and greatest in dental care. The open treatment bays and high ceilings reduce the normally claustrophobic feeling that dental appointments can generate.