Tim Thwaites is the owner of Coda Coffee which he describes as “friggin’ awesome coffee.” Why is it so good? They focus on quality & the quality of the experience. Not just the experience for the consumer but also for the coffee growing communities they work with. We have a lot of respect for Tim, Coda and their core beliefs. Check out Coda and support this local business in Edgewater!

Coda Coffee

5224 W 25th Ave




Instagram: @codaedgewater


Why did you choose this neighborhood to do business in?

Edgewater is a wonderful neighborhood. We liked its potential. There is a lot of expansion happening on the south side of Sloan’s Lake. Hopefully, that translates to more business. It is a pretty area next to Sloan’s. I envision folks wanting to take a walk around the lake and come in for a snack and a delicious cup of coffee or smoothie. I cannot say enough about the community support we have had so far in Edgewater. Lots of wonderful people!

What about this neighborhood jives with your business culture?

The community is terrific. We’ve noticed a lot of folks work from home, and I feel Coda helps these folks find a nice place to get their work done.

Why are you passionate about your business? What’s the story?

I’ve been fortunate enough to work in coffee for twenty years. I started working for a small coffee roaster in Buckley, WA in 1996. I grew up with that company and still have a close relationship with those guys. Working in coffee for so long at a young age has allowed me some very special experiences that not a lot of individuals get to enjoy in their lifetime. My vision was a little different than theirs so I came to Colorado with my brother to start Coda in 2005. We wanted a company that aligned with our core beliefs. The biggest belief is we need to be sustainable in life. That includes taking care of the environment for our future, taking care of the coffee growing communities we buy from for our future, and taking care of our customers so we may count on them in the future. The part I enjoy is introducing a wonderful cup of coffee to someone that hasn’t experienced true specialty coffee before. Coffee is often used as a tool to get people through their difficult day. I still endorse that practice, but why not use a coffee with bright citrus, milk chocolate, or delicious cherry almond notes to help you assist you that?

What inspired the look and design of your business?

We hired Studio Trope out of Denver to provide all design work. We worked with Bridget Kerr, and she did a terrific job trying to create a good meaningful vibe in the cafe.


roasteroftheyearHas Coda won any awards?  

Yes, 2014 Macro Roaster of the year. You can only win it once. We are a small company, but large enough to be in the Macro category. It’s an international award, and we are pretty darn proud of it!






Questions about Edgewater? Reach out to Jen Larsen as she knows this neighborhood better than anyone!