Meet Chris Kates, the owner of The Painted Pixel, a new gallery located in Edgewater. Make sure to go visit The Painted Pixel April 1, 2016 as they will be doing a First Friday with complimentary wine and food  served! Chris has also been kind enough to offer Denver Vibe readers 20% off of your first order or purchase of art if you mention this article!


The Painted Pixel

5227 West 25th Ave

Edgewater, CO 80214

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What services does your business offer?

The Painted Pixel is a giclée printing studio as well as an art gallery. We also offer fine art reproduction, where artists can bring in their original artwork and we digitize and print it. We print on canvas, photo paper, and fine art paper. We also share this location with a framer, and his business is called Studio Gallery. He does very nice custom framing which coordinates nicely with our art!

Why did you choose Edgewater to do business in?

I chose Edgewater because I have lived here since 2009 and love this little city within a city. I was looking for a new location to do business and the opportunity to open in Edgewater came to me so I took it without hesitation. We are our own standalone city but being just across the street from Denver nestled between Wheat Ridge and Lakewood has huge perks! Things are quickly changing here with all of the growth happening in and around Denver. For instance, when I moved here our small downtown strip was pretty quiet but now has become a busy destination for people in the area. We have several great restaurants as well as our own brewery with an awesome view of Sloan Lake. When the opportunity arose to open here, I saw it as a great time to have a new art gallery in town. 

Why are you passionate about your business? What’s the story?

I am a lover of art and the natural world. I see art everywhere; especially in everyday life. Art is one of the aspects of life that truly make it worth living. I earned a BA in photography at Brooks Institute and since then have been building my portfolio as well as running my printing business. The gallery in Edgewater is the newest addition to the business as a whole. I immensely enjoy getting to see new art everyday and having a hand in recreating it so it can be enjoyed by many on a larger scale than what might have been possible. I also have very high standards for quality and take pride in producing only the best there is to offer, a notion I hope my clients wholeheartedly agree with.

What inspired the look of your business / the name?

The Painted Pixel name is referring to the digitizing of paintings. I also consider an inkjet printer making prints a form of painting. Artwork is translated into pixels and then painted again onto paper. I am also a huge Tolkien fan and liked that it reminded me of the inn ‘ The Prancing Pony’ in “Lord of the Rings.”




Questions about Edgewater? Reach out to Jen, a Realtor with Live Urban Real Estate, as she knows everything about the happenings in this hood!